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What is the Ascension Process?

In the simplest of terms the Ascension Process is the coming together of the sacred masculine and feminine energies within you. It is the recognition of your god consciousness on earth. You awaken to the divine presence within you and become your authentic self.

Message from Archangel Metatron

(Transmitted through Jillian)

If these words resonate with you perhaps not on the surface but somewhere deep inside you 'get it' and feel a pull to know more. Know that you have been guided to this page for a reason. There are no coincidences in life, everything is divinely orchestrated with a little input from our higher selves of course!

As we begin to awaken to our spiritual selves (I AM presence), we open ourselves up to our greatness. The infinate power of the love that lies within us. We re-discover our true potential and purpose. Why we came to earth really? We get everything that our heart truly desires (which isin't always what we thought it would be) We begin to move away from our ego, mind based fears and behaviours which separate us from having loving connections with everyone and everything around us.

We learn to become a master of ourselves. We take 'the reigns' and embrace all that life gives us (even the difficult bits!) We find balance in all areas our lives. We dance in tune with life. We laugh lots, we smile more, we allow our emotions to come and go without resistance. We learn from our mistakes. We forgive others and ourselves for making mistakes. We embrace more fully the gifts in each new day.

I am a wayshower, someone that has choosen on a soul level to assist with all the changes happening during this exciting time of global transformation on our planet. You may have heard some people talking about Ascension or the shifts happening in 2012. Thankfully there are many others from all around the globe who choose to incarnate on the earth and be ready now for their specific purpose of supporting those who are awakening. I feel proud to be part of a huge team of beautiful souls who each have their unique contribution to make in the new world that we are all creating.

Some of you may already be on your spiritual journey and some have still to awaken. Many of you may be experiencing changes in your health, relationships, financial situations and personal belief systems. A lot of the old systems and structures of how we used to live are collapsing around us. The things that once gave us security on the outside are no longer there anymore.

I am a guide for those who have choosen on a soul level to go within and discover a purer version of themselves. I am passonite about empowering you to find your inner light, spread your wings, be your best self and make your unique contribution in the world.

 Imagine what the world would be like if we were all operating from a place of strenght of character and integrity?


My Ascension story  (In brief)

I open up the book of my life to you following guidance from the angels to share my story.

'Seek ye the kingdom of god, and his righteousness and all will be given unto thee'   Matthew 6.33

Those were the words which were inscribed on the front of the church opposite my business that I looked out at everyday. At the time I didn't realise just how significant those words would be for me. Being a great believer though in signs, coincidences (no such thing) and the right guidance coming into my life at the perfect time I had a chance meeting with a man, a warrior spirit (in image at least, a mirror image of myself at that time, but thats another story!) He was to shed some more light on why I had choosen to set up a beauty salon opposite a church. The name I had choosen for my business was called 'Face It ' and at that time I really was 'facing myself'. All the things that I thought made me tick just didn't anymore.

My own Ascension journey began in earnest about 16yrs ago following a period of dis-satisfaction and illness in my life. I had a deep yearning inside myself for something more, a different way of being perhaps? On the surface everything in my life everything looked rosy. I had a good going business and all the trappings that went with it. I had choosen a career that cultivated beauty and projecting a successful image on the outside. Inside though I felt lost, lonely and yearning for love. I can now identify that yearning as my 'souls calling'. A message from the wiser part of me to go within to find what I was really searching for.  Song Ultra Nate  'Your Free'     


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The true measure of a (Wo)man is when he lets go of his emotional attachments, chooses to remain fully grounded on the earth and opens up to the greatness of who he truly is.   

 Archangel Metatron (Transmitted through Jillian) 

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