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Hi I'm Jillian, I'm an intuitive coach, healer, teacher and writer, using words and my voice as an instument for healing. Ive been on a journey of personal and spiritual growth for 16yrs. Ill health and relationship challenges were my route into a new way of looking at the world and, like you there have been a whole host of ups, downs, twists and turns in my life, interspersed with laughter and joy along the way. During this time I have gathered many tools to assist me on my path, which I have shared with others.

I have taught workshops on building Self-Esteem, Core Transformation, The Highly Sensitive Person's Survival Guide. Meditation & Spiritual Development, Healing With Angels, and Creating The Life You Were Born To Live. Other strings to my bow include Reiki Master, COSCA Counselling Skills Levels 1-4, Accredited Teacher of Angels with the Dianna Cooper Foundation. Mentor for Confidence Building with the More To Life Personal Development and Coaching Programme. Certificate in Psychotherapy & Counselling with The Aberdeen Healing Centre. I have also worked with crystals and have extensive knowledge on nutrition and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

I have benefited from the teachings of Marianne Beare www.inchkey.com, Zaria Et An Cullen, www.planetsparkle.com, Patricia Iris Kerins www.patriciairiskerins.com and many other beautiful beings along the way. As all good teachers will tell you the road to enlightenment is about getting to a place in ourselves where we are not following anyone, we are simply being our unique selves, and sharing our gifts and talents in a way that benefits the world. 

Previous to this work I was a beauty therapist for 23 years and was fortunate to travel the world on cruise liners and work in international spas. During that time I ran my own salon in Aberdeen, Scotland for 8 years. The more I have progressed along my path of spiritual development and connected with my true essence the more I have been aware of my deeply ingrained patterns and conditioning from this life and previous ones. I have driven myself hard to achieve things and forced myself to do things when my heart wasn't really in them. With the pressure cooker of demands and judgments generating in my mind, if life didn't turn out the way I expected, despite all my best efforts this would lead to stress and feelings of stuckness and depression.

March 2015 was a significant time for me. I had been working with the teachings of the divine feminine and was being guided to take it to another level. I was trying to put together a talk on self-love and it just wasn't happening. I was tired and I heard the voice of my soul telling me to 'let go', eventually I did but it wasn't without feeling a lot of guilt and my mind going on a loop telling me that 'I'd better be achieving something, otherwise I'd be nothing, no one, my existence won't be validated' So I took some time off to practice what I preach and once I got through the pain and resistance what emerged was a deeper level of love and acceptance of my self, others and life as it is. Since then with a little bit of tweaking here and there I have felt an even stronger connection with my inner guidance and the messages my body is giving me. An ability to be more present in the moment and a gradual loosening of the controlling grip I had on my life. I realized that by doing what I can on a daily basis I could relax and trust in the universe to do its bit to support me and allow my life to unfold as its meant to be.

As your mentor I want that for you too. I am passionate about helping those who have been on their path of spiritual growth for some time who are committed to digging deep, clearing out the cobwebs in their heart, uncovering their true essence and stepping into their power. I help you to follow your souls calling and express that with confidence out in the world. I can help you if you feel depleted and burned out to gain tools to manage stress, struggle and ill health. I live at present in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. When I'm not working I enjoy cooking, eating, nature, sunshine, spending quality time with my partner, friends and being around cats.

With love


Seek not to be connected to what you can achieve in this life. Seek more to be connected to the love inside you. Everything will come from that place.

Jillian Webster

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