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What can I expect when I book a personal consultation?                                          

Before the session begins I will send you a self awareness & lifestyle questionaire. Fill this out and return it to me by e mail in advance of our work together.

Each of these sessions is tailored to your individual needs and can address concerns from all areas of life including; confidence, health, inner child, love, relationships, career.

We work to help you reprogramme your DNA on a deep cellular level, clearing present to past life conditioning and old ancestral patterns. This may include talking therapy, channelling, voice work, soul retrieval, hands on healing and a guided meditation to help you let go of what is ready to be released. Homework assignments will also be given in the form of affirmations, visualisations, lifestyle guidance, nutritional advice, mind-body skills, tools to help you connect with your higher guidance system.


In person sessions cost £70

Package of 6 x Sessions £400                                                                                                                                                                            


Additional information 

All skype sessions last 1hr and must be payed for in advance before the work begins.




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The advice given is of a spiritual/holistic nature and not meant to be a replacement for medical treatment or prescribed medication. Jillian Webster Living from the Heart is in no way responsible for any life changes that you make as a result of the information given.








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