A Spiritual Perspective on the Scottish Referendum

Posted on Aug 14 2014
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Wanting to get better informed before I make my final decision on which way to vote in the Scottish Referendum in September I took some time to meditate and ask Archangel Metatron and his support team in the higher realms for their thoughts on Scotland becoming an independant nation. Here is what I received;


The scottish government will need to make some massive shifts so that all their plans and goals will come to fruition. They are being guided by the higher self of the planet at this time. The development of sustainable, renewable energy will be a big part of this. It will be a gradual and slow process. Massive shifts in the scottish economy need to happen so that they can make good on all the promises that they have made. It will be so if they are willing to put in the work. If they are willing to put in the work then it will have a huge influence on leaders from all across the world. There will be a huge shift in the balance of power. Leaders from all around the globe will need to step up onto the podium and be held accountable for their own actions. Scotland is a first nation of light and many others will follow in its footsteps. They need to move forward fearlessly and show other countries the way. They are the torch bearers for the planet spreading light around the glode.

Financial freedom is a big issue for them. They need to take back their power on all levels. They are the global heart of the planet and many will come to the country and want to be involved in the transformation process. We hear the concerns of the people. The people need to decide. The people are at the centre of this and they will be the ones who will help the souls of the mass ascend and reach their fullest potential. 

Archangel Gabriel is doing a clarion call, helping those who are ready to release their past, help others to do the same. Their will be a mass awakening on a global scale for many souls on this planet. They will uplift the consciousness of many. Many will leave the planet as a result of not being willing to step up and open their hearts. The freedom is inside us, it is there for those who are ready to hear the call of the light.

Archangel Metatron ( Transmitted through Jill ) 

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Yes Jill By Unknown on Aug 14 2014 at 2:38 PM
It is not only the politicians that need to step up. Our people need to take this chance to step out of victimhood, our English Scots to let go of their shame and step into the light with us.
The fight about the oil would make us all forget that these are the spoils of raping the mother but YES
By Unknown on Aug 19 2014 at 11:02 AM
Thanks for your comment Vikky. Agree that the power is within us to make change happen
Lee By Unknown on Sep 24 2014 at 9:01 PM
I thought the angels did not have a free will, so why would they try to influence something that is to be decided by the people?

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