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Posted on Mar 05 2015
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As some of you know over the winter I have been taking part in a wonderful online programme called Earthing The Moon, organized by the global charity Tree Sisters. During the course we were given various homework exercises to do. I want to share with you my experiences of doing a Menarche Ceremony, an ancient tradition, re-emerging in the 21st Century, which is used to support and empower young woman, and celebrate their transition into womanhood. This ceremony takes place when a girl begins her menstrual cycle. And so I share with you my own experiences of re-creating menarche, my journey into becoming a woman.

On a gorgeous sunny, but chilly day, in Angus, Scotland I went for a walk in nature and found a place under a tree to put down my waterproof blanket. I sat right beside the river by my home. After spending a few moments quieting my mind, by breathing deeply and taking in the sights and sounds of nature. I began to reflect on my experiences of my first bleed; who was with me? how I felt at the time? Was I acknowledged or not acknowledged?

I remember I was 14 when I started my period, a lot later than most of the girls in my class at school. I remember it clearly, telling my mother, her giving me my first sanitary pad to wear….The main thing I gained when I went deeper into the experience was that I was not validated as a women by my parents…Now this is not new family have been my biggest teachers. I have come to know that is why I choose them and why they choose me...But I had a sense that at the age of 14 I needed an initiation ceremony and to be shown how to take my first steps into womanhood….I also needed to be asked how I was feeling.

So in an endeavour to re frame the past I connected with my womb wisdom and wrote a letter to my 14yr old. I asked her how she was feeling about becoming a woman and entering into this new phase of life. I was given this affirmation:

'I am RE-BIRTHING and becoming an essential part of who I truly am'

I then got an image of a baby inside me ready to be birthed. She replied;

'Support me as I move through the birth canal, I am a little frightened to let go'

I asked her what she needed from me to make it easier for her to let go and be birthed into the new world. She replied;

'Do not project things too far ahead, take it one step at a time, live in the moment. Be fully present with where you are now'

I then saw the baby being born and I noticed that she had a cord around her throat and binding to her hands and feet. I worked with my support team in the Archangelic realm, and was given a golden pair of etheric scissors to cut and remove the ties that were binding her. I have a sense there is more healing work to be done on this and as ever its ongoing work in progress... But then I saw the baby cry and kick its arms and legs…I told her how much she is loved and how special she is…I felt the tears welling up as I wrote in my journal. And as the residual energy is being cleared I have an underlying sense of calm, some fear and an anticipation of what's to come in the year ahead….

I would like to invite you to re-create a Menarche Ceremony of your own and to share your experiences in the comments box below.  After going through this experience I feel that it's an important step on any woman's journey to fully embrace the power of her woman self, sisterhood, love and belonging to the collective consciousness.....You could finish it off by buying your younger self a gift, taking her out for a meal, whatever works for you to let her know that she is loved and cherished....


Much love



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