An invitation to play

Posted on May 19 2015
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As I sat this morning in my PJ's, working away on my laptop, with breakfast telly going on in the background, I was momentarily distracted by my neighbours cat staring in through the patio doors…A piercing stare, through bright green eyes, she wasn't going anywhere. I waved at her, my head peering above the computer screen and told her that I was too busy to play…I needed to be somewhere at such and such a time and I wasn't even showered or dressed yet…But she continued to stare as if to say 'I have a message for YOU'…So I walked across to the patio doors, crouched down, tapped on the window and told her that I loved her. She responded by rubbing her face against the glass, lying down on the tarmac and rolling over and over with delight…The sun was shinning on her belly…In that moment my heart opened and I was filled with joy. In that moment I was still, connected and loving. IN THAT MOMENT nothing else mattered…..

With love 

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