Animals come into our lives to touch us with their paw dust!

Posted on May 21 2015
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Late last summer I had a mild infestation fleas in my home. My neighbours cat Siruis, who is a keen hunter of the rabbits in the farmers fields brought them in. The little blighters were having a field day using my legs and ankles as their meal ticket. Fleas are elusive creatures.... the scarlet pimpernels of the insect world, 'ye seek them here, ye seek them there'.... They are masters of disguise.... I spent a considerable time looking for evidence, moving the furniture with my poor partner Robert getting roped into the hunt.

And after all that only a couple were spotted (if anyone has ever had to deal with an outbreak of fleas in their home, you will know what I'm talking about!) However the sore, itchy bites I was getting weren't going away and I began trawling the internet looking for gentle, chemical free alternatives to clean my sofa and carpets. Suffice to say this disrupted my life for a few weeks. I was bludgeoned into submission! Picture the scene; furniture piled up in the centre of rooms, salt sprinkled on the carpets, hoover going like the clappers, bedding stripped and at the dry cleaners.

Now I do believe that we are the creators of our reality. If left un checked our unconscious thoughts and beliefs determine how we react to the world. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the humdrum of daily living that we don't make the time to look at what's not working. When we are in the midst of chaos, then we are often forced to take a step back and take stock.

Due to her tendancy of being a host for the flea people I made the difficult decision to not let my cat companion back into my home. This was heartbreaking for me because she had been a daily visitor for several years and it really lit up my world when she dropped in to say hello. Animals are smart cookies they know what we are thinking and feeling and are very responsive to our behaviors. I explained to her why she wasn't allowed in. I cried, I felt guilty. I felt like I'd abandoned her and how I dealt with these painful emotions was by ignoring her.

She would look in the window and meow and because I felt guilty for changing the dynamics of our relationship I continued to ignore her and would often go into another room just so I wouldn't have to see her staring in at me through the glass. When I went outside she followed me, trying to get back inside and one day when I crouched down outside my house rummaging for my keys she jumped on my back and dug her claws in tight. She wasn't going to budge until I got the message!

It was then that I contacted an animal communicator and got some interesting insights. Here are some exerts of the transcripts from my animal communication session conducted by my friend Amy Davidson, Gentle Healing Some of the questions I put to Sirius, via Amy.

Q. Sirius why did you come into Jill's life?

A. Jill knows well fine that she was in need of companionship when she first came here. She loved me so much. She wished I was hers.  She could not think any kinder thoughts towards me.  I was an anti-depressant. She looked forward to seeing me everyday. I was happy to roam and then come and see Jill.  We had all sorts of fun together.  She talked to me a lot. Nothing was too much trouble for me, and I loved her unconditionally. We became friends. I have learned a lot from her. Alas things have changed.  I am not so needed.

Q. Sirius how are you feeling about not getting into Jill's home anymore?

A. At first I found it hard I felt as if she had betrayed my trust. I could see her in the house and she ignored me. I felt angry at her for doing this. She has been telling me the reasons but for a while she doubted herself and she nearly did let me back in.  

She is forgiven. I think Jill has really taken things to heart. Tell Jill there is no need to 'move on' from things, rather let all be. This is what nature teaches us, to let all be. Even difficult decisions can be made from this place. Then there is no inner angst. So the difficulties that humans have is to let things be as animals do. Life and death. Boundaries can be placed with love & respect. There is never any need to harden ones heart. It can remain, open, loving, but strong in principles. 

So you must remain open and loving to me, and life, but not to that which is causing you pain - this however can be done with grace and love and affection. So I will continue to walk my path and you yours, and when we meet there can be grace and love and affection. This is so important as small moments make big moments. So when you see me out and about, come and see me, make a fuss of me, and give me your all. I cannot get in but I can still receive love from you. You can still be in a heart connection with someone and not be with them. You had felt this loving connection with me and then you distanced yourself. So now you must open to me and know that there is nothing to fear. 

Animals see things different to us, they surrender to how things are, they let things be and then they move on. They don't get stuck in the attachment emotions that humans have and we have to be careful not to project our own lower vibrational emotions onto them i.e. our feelings of guilt, sadness, neglect and pain.

And so I created the whole situation because I was still holding onto the belief somewhere deep inside that it wasn't safe to love. My inner fears were manifesting on the outside. The fleas (bless em) were biting me to say 'wake up Jill. Wake up to love' It was a beautiful gift that gave me an opportunity to take down the walls around my heart. Siruis still comes to visit me. She is a joy to be around. Through knowing her I have developed a deeper love & respect for animals and I plan to get a cat of my own soon.

Final words from Sirius

I came in to touch Jills life with some paw dust! Once an animal has crossed your heart, you are never the same.  So I have touched her with some magic. She will never be the same. Keep the lessons of love please Jill and spread these out to other animals. You did not know this kind of love and now you do. It is precious and can be shared. Continue to open please to the animal kingdom.

There is healing in the air. Tell Jill I love her. I miss her but the land and this territory is truly my home. 

With love

Jill (& Sirius )


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By Unknown on Jun 04 2015 at 6:10 AM
Oh I sure relate to your experiencesí.
I so know the guilty feeling when I lock the cat downstairs because I don't want her to wake me up in the morning. Yet the difference when I do it with love rather than guilty is immense.
Another experience with our cat is that she is soooo patient. I feel she keeps telling me to slow down to rest to stop and breath among all my busying. In me she has a very resistant client. I am still in the mode that I have to do this and have to do that even though I know that my cat is right. On all different levels I am getting the same message. Yet I am afraid to stop or rest. How comforting it is that my cat does not give up on me as I so often do is not to be put in words. I am grateful for each and the every time she comes for connection and that she does find the still rare moments when I do sit down.
Thanks for letting me share. Mirabelle Viviana
By jill on Jun 08 2015 at 7:44 PM
Animals are such beautiful teachers Mirabelle. Your cat sounds perfect for you :) Love Jill

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