Are you a Sheep or an Ascended Master?

Posted on Jul 03 2020
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Part of my Lockdown routine over the last few months has been to watch 10 mins of news on UK Breakfast TV every morning... To keep my finger on 'the pulse' of what is happening in the 'real world'?!

Now many enlightened beings would say that 80 percent if not all of this news is fake, designed in a way to gaslight us and control our minds.

Whether you believe that or not, when I watched it this morning I had a big NO for the date that was chosen and the words being used for the pubs opening on Saturday down in England. 'Super Saturday' more like 'Stupid Saturday' I mean come on, seriously! Using language like that enticing folks to have an all out binge feast on alcohol, whilst also cautioning them against it is asking for trouble. Look whats just happened on the beaches in Brighton. For those with their 'antenna' tuned into a higher vibration it has hidden agenda written all over it. 

Over the last few months, through various sources, I have been looking deeper into the hidden agendas or the 'dark plan' I have had the time to do more research and it was 'the time' for the veil around my eyes to be removed. There are many burrows, with dark tunnels leading in all directions when we go down the rabbit hole. For me personally, there is a fine line between opening my eyes more to what is REALLY going on, versus not getting too sucked down the rabbit hole. So that it lowers my energy and stops me from focusing on my mission, which is to make a productive contribution to raising my own and the collective energy. 

Anyone who is reading will relate to the somewhat arduous journey that we go on to finding the middle ground in our lives. We have chosen to incarnate on the earth at this time to find our individual, unique balance point... Which will act like a magnet pulling the collective consciousness into balance. 

I have experienced the pendulum swinging from one extreme to the other, to find the middle ground in my life many times... And still the pendulum can swing in either direction. When this happens it's an invitation for me to put on my ASCENDED MASTERS HAT and course correct as necessary. I am a work in progress, learning as I go. We all are. So we can cut ourselves some slack, and cut everyone around us some slack, whichever direction their pendulum is currently swinging in... For the next few years the collective pendulum will swing from one extreme to the other, until it settles down again,  somewhere in the middle. BUT for now, more than ever we are reminded of an 'antidote' to the polarities going on in ourselves and collectively. To focus on the REAL WORLD. Note the picture above.  

With love

Jillian 💛

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