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Posted on Jan 28 2011
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 Life has been calling me out lately to look deeper into the area of forgiveness. It's been another opportunity to re-examine some of my old unresolved hurts and resentments from the past, looking at them this time through the eyes of wisdom and with a few more experiences under my belt!

A good friend of mine reminded me recently:

'It's important to keep open to people and not close up. People aren't black and white. Life isn't black and white. There are many grey areas. We are not born to be perfect. We need to find the harmony and balance between the good and the bad that lies within us'.

had been sharing with him some of my experiences about showing up fully as the person I am today with a new conscious belief system in place and 'trying to' live in harmony with some of the people closest to me who don't understand the choices I'm making and think I'm mad because I talk to Angels! These people who I care deeply for have different belief systems and are making different choices about how they want to live their lives.

Like many people who choose to walk the path of truth, the challenge for me has been about standing up for what I believe in. Making some massive changes in the process and following that through even under intense criticism. The temptation has been to go back into my old unconscious ways of behaving; hiding away, pleasing, rescuing others or an old favorite of mine simply keeping my mouth shut! 

After much introspection and countless hours of journal writing, I have realised that to wholeheartedly forgive another person takes time. It takes a willingness to look honestly at your own feelings and behaviours. 

It takes courage to fully experience the uncomfortable emotions that we have buried from the past. Being willing to do this however, opens us up to a host of new possibilities. We can learn to decipher the messages that our emotions are giving us, meet our own needs and when appropriate, communicate our needs to others in a way that they will understand.

We must also be prepared that depending on the other person's conditioning and their own level of awareness they may not always be receptive to what we have to say. True forgiveness is about letting go of judgement, expectations and blaming the other person. It's about accepting them as they are warts and all! This does not mean that we don't have a right to voice our opinion or choose not to be around them if the relationship is a destructive one.

The process of forgiveness begins with learning to respect the other person's choices about how they want to live, even if they are very different to yours and your path leads you in a different direction from them.

I've been receiving guidance from my heavenly friends to make my peace with my father. I am learning to have more compassion for my family. Through the eyes of wisdom I see their struggles, the difficult choices and sacrifices that they have made.

My choice is to open my heart and connect more with the people closest to me. With my sense of self and my boundaries in place I choose to continue voicing my opinion, to be supportive, to listen more and to love unconditionally.  

Action step

Is there someone in your life who you would like to forgive?

Don't leave it too late to say the things that you want to say to the people that you love. Take a risk and show your authentic self. Leave your pride at the front door. Make that call or arrange to meet with someone you have been wanting to reach out to for a while. Life as they say is way too short!

Bright Blessings


I'd like to share with you some further tools for forgiveness taken from a recent workshop I taught. Click Here

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By Unknown on Mar 07 2011 at 10:26 AM
Hello Jill,

Enjoyed reading your latest blog entry.
As you so eloquently say, forgiveness takes time.
I also take from your words that we learn to forgive ourselves in the process.

Keep up the great writing,

By Unknown on Mar 07 2011 at 4:10 PM
Darling Jill I feel so connected with you reading your blog. I hear your voice clearly in my mind and can picture you easily, whilst I remember other connecting times we have had on our respective and interlaced journey's. You are a great teacher Jill for me,and others. I am grateful for what you bring to my life.

With love & respect


Jean By Unknown on Mar 07 2011 at 10:40 PM
Loved your blog Jill - wise and loving. I agree that to truly feel forgiveness takes time but as we work through our grievances, judgements and perceptions of others we begin to see the world with new eyes. I give thanks for the book "A Course in Miracles" which is solely(souly)concerned with forgiveness.

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