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Be Born Again

Posted on Feb 06 2010
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Beloved friends and children of the most High God, as is always the case the blessings you recieve from God are dependent upon your own actions, in actions, and thoughts. We stand ready to shower you with the Gifts of the Spirit not seen since the days of the High Priests and Priestesses of Atlantis and Egypt. We stand ready to offer you the understanding to use these gifts productively and in alighment with the Will of God. And you are the only barrier to allowing this flow of blessings to come forward into your being. We ask you to think of yourselves as people who were chosen to recieve a complete makeover. Think of yourselves as recieving the gifts of the perfect hair, the perfect face, and the perfect style. Think of yourselves as walking among your family, friends and colleagues looking and sounding the best you can be. You glow with confidence and fun. You have optimism and hope no matter what is happening around you.

Now that your confidence is renewed, turn your face to source and behold the most High God and Godess. Here are your true parents. They look upon you with love and the certain hope you will make them proud. You are born again in the understanding of who you are. And now I ask you to open your heart to these beautiful, loving parents and receive your birthday gifts, trusting that these gifts are the perfect abilities and talents for you.

Listen now as the Angelic choirs sing joyful songs. Divine Gifts are flowing forth into the Earth Plane. Let us smell the sweet fragrance of the Holy Breath. Let our hearts be open to the still small voice of the Holy Spirit.

We are the Angelic Hosts and Ascended Masters ( Saints ) of God

Channelled at Wesak 2009

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