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Posted on Dec 20 2009
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December 2009 

Welcome to my blog I'm excited to be able to share with you some of my experiences in my ongoing journey of self discovery which have propelled me into a career of doing what I love teaching and facililating others growth.

With love and gratitude to my friends, teachers and all the higher beings of light who have guided me on my journey so far.

There's an advert on TV for a well-known brand of razors with the backing music by the 80's pop group ' Bananarama '. The words of the song go ' I'm your venus, I'm your fire, your desire ' This song talks about unleashing your spirit and letting out your true power and passion. This vital energy, love and creative force is in all of us but sometimes gets dimmed or lost as we go through life's inevitable ups and downs.

Our human spirit is indomitable. It has the power to move mountains and guide us as we face challenges in our lives. It enables us to hold steadfast and to keep persuing our dreams even when the going gets tough.

Take some time today for self-reflection and reconnect to the force within you. Trust your inner feelings and guidance above and beyond the limits set by your mind or the opinions of others. The most important energy in the universe is love. It is the unseen force that is all there is. It is inside us, around us and it connects us. When we are able to truly love and value ourselves then anything in our lives becomes possible. New realities open up for us, amazing synchronicities and opportunities come our way.

I was recently given a divine nudge to move forward with my teaching and healing work. My part time job disappeared and I was left feeling apprensive with no regular income coming in. I needed some time to tie up a few loose ends; to get my new brochures and website compleated and I wanted to spend some time with the special people in my life. I heard my inner guidance, the voice of my soul telling me to trust in my own abilities and that all my needs would be met if I followed my heart and stayed connected to the love inside me. In the last couple of months little miracles have started to happen; friends offering to pay for my lunch, I've been recieving unexpected gifts of money and vitamins that had got lost in the post turning up just at the point I was ready to order some more!

In this current economic climate many of us are going through times of change. I've spoken to a few people lately who are unsure if there jobs are secure and for some if they are still wanting to be in the same job, feeling they need a change but unsure at the moment which direction to go in.

It's natural during times of transition to go into panic and fear and for our minds to hold onto the belief that ' there won't be enough money to go around '. Sometimes for that very reason we cling onto old situations and behaviours that no longer suit us.

In the words of the ' George Micheal ' song ' I've gotta have faith, faith, faith '. Believe in yourself, trust in your own abilities and never give up on your dreams. We all have the potential to be the best person we can be in whatever our role is in life. This always starts with learning how to be loving and compassionite to ourselves, and to the people around us, even if they push our buttons as they are most probably going through there own personal challenges just now.

Research into how our mind works informs us that every thought we have and every action we take based on that thought corresponds to the patterns of activity in our brain called ' neural pathways '. When we repeat the same thought and action we strenghten the associated neural pathway. In other words our minds are like a computer and we are literally programming them everyday. What we put into them has a direct effect on how we behave! When we think loving and compassionite thoughts we ' light up ' the part of our brain that corresponds to that thought and we are more likely to take action based on positive solutions for everyone concerned.




Is there something you want to do for yourself in your life right now?

Perhaps it's something you have been putting off doing for fear of change.

Take some breaths and focus on your heart centre, begin to visualise what that would look like for you.

How does it feel to be doing something purely for pleasure, something for yourself that makes you feel vibrant and alive?

Really experience those feeling inside your body.

Write a letter to yourself and focus on all the things you love about who you are. Focus on all your qualities, natural talents, abilities and achievements?

Write down and question all your fears, beliefs and behaviours that are stopping having more of what you want right now?

In the light of all your natural gifts and achievements to date list the steps you can take to turn this pipe dream into a reality?


There is a divine force that works unseen and once we take that first step to face our fears and listen to our inner guidance it's amazing how things find there natural way of falling into place. Finally never be afraid to reach out for support. This has been an ongoing part of my own journey. Remember when we question the beliefs and behaviours that prevent us from being more loving towards ourselves and others, we begin to remove the barriers around our hearts. Love can then flow more freely; we become our authentic selves and we even discover that there have always been plenty of people around us who are happy to help.

The time has come for us all to create our own unique piece of heaven on earth


Bright blessings


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May the festive force be with you! By Unknown on Dec 21 2009 at 9:51 AM
Hi Jill,

Just read your first blog entry. What a positive message for this time of year when a lot of folk go a bit crazy. I was interested in reading the 'Take Action Challenge'. I'll be keen to see other people's take on it given the constant PR and marketing asking us to give to other causes. The 'Challenge', I presume, aims at giving to ourself first, then seeing how that benefits others and greater society. How different people handle that under the pressures of modern living will be a good read.

Looking forward to seeing the feedback on this thread.

By jill on Jan 14 2010 at 5:59 PM
Hi Rob thanks for your ongoing love and support. Yes putting ourselves first can present a challenge when we are constantly bombarded with demands from the media and sometimes from the people around us! I've read a few articles of late stating 'be the change in the world you want to see' I believe that the key to achieving what we desire and making a difference in society is a co creative experience with ourselves and others. We first have to give ourselves the time and permission to discover who we are, and what we are here to contribute. This will lead us to making more empowered choices about how we can best share our passions and energies.

Much love Jill

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