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Posted on Feb 06 2010
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Winter provides the perfect opportunity for us to be still. To recharge our energy and reflect on life as we move gradually towards the first glimpse of spring; new beginnings and rich promises of the year to come.

I've spent some of this month getting my flat in order, clearing drawers and throwing out old papers. How good does it feel when we clear away the old clutter and discover some new storage space in our cupboards! In the ancient art of 'Feng Shui' when we clear our surroundings we free up our personal energy field which will allow the flow of new things to come towards us.

Some of us are on detox diets cleansing our bodies from the indulgence's of the festive season. Many of us are tightening the purse springs, getting back on an even keel after a busy spending spree. We can extend this cleansing process further by de-cluttering our minds and examining the effect our thoughts have on our personal health and well being.

 It has been proven that our thoughts and beliefs create our feelings. This can have a knock on effect on how we choose to live our lives. When we look at things from this perspective then the phrase ' A self fulfilling prophecy ' certainly has a ring of truth to it!

Think of a day when you felt great and everything seemed to fall into place.

Now recall a day when you weren't feeling so good, nothing seemed to go your way.

There was no actual difference in what was happening in the world around you on both those days; the birds sang, the snow fell and you were still stuck in traffic! Perhaps it was how you percieved what was going on and the attitude you choose to adopt as a result of that which affected your behaviour?

It takes about seventeen seconds for any thoughts we have to begin to effect our bodies. When we think high vibration thoughts of peace, joy, acceptance, gratitude and love then we generate positive feelings inside us. If we think low vibration thoughts of fear, anger and worry then this will knock us out of balance; drain our energy and eventually create di-sease.


Take Action Challenge

Become a thought policeman.

Take a breath. Bring yourself fully into this present moment. Notice everything around you.

What do you see and hear ?

How are you feeling? 

Allow it to be without any judgement from your mind.



I wander what my next thought is going to be?

Try doing this 3 times a day and observe what happens!

Bryon Katie in her programme 'the work' invites us to look at 'who would we be without our own personal story?' The story we live by which comprises of our early decisions, thoughts, beliefs, assumptions, judgements, fears about ourselves, others and life itself. She says that there is two ways to live our lives. One is stressed out and the other is not.

Which would you rather be?


Bright Blessings



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