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Posted on May 09 2020
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A friend of mine snapped this out on one of her walks. It warmed my heart…. I felt that familiar whoosh of excitement in my belly and was inspired to get my creative on and type this post. I am seeing a few of these uplifting message’s, moving from the windows, onto painted stones, placed carefully under trees on my walking route’s…Rainbow’s, glittery paint, children eager to share their messages of support for the NHS.
So here we are on week six of LOCK DOWN...I have had moments of bliss & elation, and a rush to get things done… Coupled with some low days where I haven’t wanted to do anything but lie still in bed, as my body recalibrate's itself…Feelings of exhaustion and intense emotions, particularly around the phases of the moon, where we have been receiving these huge energetic downloads. I know some of you will resonate with this. A feeling of deep tiredness in our bones, that’s creeps in sometimes ….As the world RESETS itself to a HIGHER LOVE frequency.... After years of operating on the "fight or flight" programme.
Some folks I know are feeling the time dragging out…Personally after a busy few years and juggling the day-to-day pressures that life can present I am relishing in the enforced GO SLOW… Getting into a routine of fine-tuning my ability to be present in the moment…. SURRENDERING to what I feel like doing… Unlike many I am fortunate to be furloughed on full pay from my part time job, which means that I can more easily take my foot off the accelerator just now…. Having this reset and retraining time is golden ….My heart goes out to my friends who are completely self employed and to the many businesses who are struggling just now…I know we are all doing our bit to support each other, in whatever way we are able.
TO BE or not TO BE that is the question… I still have my to-do-lists. I like having some structure during this Lock Down… However I am taking this opportunity to be more in tune with the natural rhythms of my body…Flowing more with my energy levels…. Paying attention when my mind kicks in and how it jolts me into action telling me "I have to complete all the jobs at home that I never have time for before things speed up again. Or else I wont have achieved anything" …. Noticing the resistance I have sometimes to just sitting still, although I have found it easier to drop more into this as the weeks go by…. Of course I am eating more….Pretty healthy on the whole, but lots of it, with a penchant for sour cream and chive quinoa chips at the moment…I have the urge to jump on the bandwagon of fledging home bakers…Mmmh quite fancy trying banana bread…See what all the fuss is about…. IF I can get spelt flour from Tesco’s
I am noticing my body swelling up….Yes I love to cook and eat but its deeper than that….There is stuff brewing in the birth canal… At points over these last few months I’ve literally felt like I’m pregnant…Breasts growing in size… Birthing a new me.
Knowing that as the light workers, way showers and the star seeds we have consciously chosen to use our bodies as a conduit to integrate the 5D frequencies and anchor them on the earth…And what a few months its been…We have done A LOT of inner work….Transmuting emotions, clearing old programmes, belief systems…. Building a new foundation.
So creative explosions, energetic downloads, elation and frustration. Coupled with visits to my mum to drop off provisions… Attempted a home haircut, done some DIY…. Receiving a barrage of funny memes and messenger posts from friends who are keen to connect and share their thoughts on lockdown, conspiracy theories, mandatory vaccination etc…Journaling the downloads of information from the galactic streams of consciousness who want to voice through me.
Sometimes it can get overwhelming…But making conscious choices to digitally detach and balance it out with more self care which is an ABSOLUTE JOY, candle lit salt baths, face masks, grounding and clearing meditations, long nature walks, foraging for wild garlic, trippy virtual coffee catch ups…. I feel like the proverbial cat going from room to room in my flat to find the best sunspots…. Changing up my routine… Having my tea on a tray in my bedroom, which heats up like a green house at night…. Sitting at the window…. Enjoying BEING, letting go of time constraints, the calm and silence, watching the light go down, sorting through old recipe books….Birthing a new normal and a new me.
I would love to hear how Lock Downs going for you?
With love
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