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Posted on Sep 27 2011
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I give my higher self full permission to guide me to a space that feels right for me in everyway.

A place where I can best be of service.

A place where work comes to me easily and effortlessly.

A place where I am surrounded by like-minded and supportive people.

A place where I feel totally at ease and at home.   

I had set myself some clear intentions * on what I was looking for in the next chapter of my life.  On the first of August this year I moved into my new home. A converted steading in the Angus area. It's a far cry from having a flat in the centre of Aberdeen. I'm a country girl at heart, although all my life I've lived in various cities. Now I have the water (north river esk) directly behind me, farmer's fields in front and there are plenty of different species of birds to admire. Its peaceful here and it gets very dark at night. There is apparently a reflexologist living in the cluster of farm buildings close by who I'm looking forward to meeting.        

I cleared out most of my furniture before I moved, so I've been sitting on the floor in my lounge. There are still a few boxes to be unpacked, when I have cupboards and drawers to put things in. My new kitchen table and chairs arrived yesterday. I'm really appriecating sitting down at a proper table to eat. It's the simple things in life that matter. When you don't have them and then you get them again you really learn to value them.                                                                                
When you get an opportunity to rebuild your life and money has been tight for years it really makes you think about the choices you are making. And apart from being like 'a kid in a sweetie shop' for the first few weeks :-) I'm building up my life again based on the premise of what do I really need, what is practical, what enhances my life and what makes me feel good. All common sense really, something we all know. In the current economic climate though when the cost of living is rocketing it's easy to get into debt.

I have come to know that our outer world is really just a mirror of our inner reality. When things aren't working in our life and we are feeling unhappy or anxious it's easy to over spend. It can sometimes act as a sticking plaster to avoid the real issues that need looking at. I gave up all my financial security to go on the journey of becoming my authentic self. When I look back now there have been some pretty 'hair raising' moments. Without wishing to use a cliche 'it has all been worth while'. I've stepped out of my comfort zone; learned more about my true nature and allowed myself to trust in a higher will far greater than my own.

And the journey continues because when 'we think we have got it all sussed' we most certainly have not. We are coming from our ego. The universe has had a canny way of reminding me of that lately! As we do the inner work to change ourselves, the people around us change and very often so do our surroundings. Then we are really just at the beginning of another new chapter of self-discovery!

There are people just now who may be facing financial challenges or even redundancy. At a recent seminar I attended Dianna Cooper talked about 'redundancy being an opportunity to learn about our true souls mission. To do the work in alignment with our heart and soul we need to raise our vibrational frequency so that we will attract that work towards us'

It worked in a similar way for me when I gave up a well established business to go on a journey of self-discovery. To give you a bit of background the business I had was facing a church and the words I looked out at everyday were.

' Seek ye the kingdom of god, and his righteousness and all will be given unto thee'  Matthew 6.33     

At that time I didn't realise just how significant those words would be for me. Being a great believer though in signs, coincidences (no such thing) and the right guidance coming into my life at the perfect time I had a chance meeting with a man, a warrior spirit (in image at least, a mirror image of myself at that time, but thats another story!) He helped me to shed some more light on why I had chosen to set up a beauty salon opposite a church. The name I had choosen for my business was called 'Face it' and at that time I really was 'facing myself' All the things that I thought made me tick just didn't anymore.

I had a deep yearning inside myself for something more, a different way of being perhaps? On the surface everything in my life looked rosy. I had a good going business and all the trappings that went with it. I had chosen a career that cultivated beauty and projecting a successful image on the outside. Inside though I felt lost, lonely and yearning for love. I can now identify that yearning as my 'souls calling'. A message from the wiser part of me to go within to find what I was really searching for.

So here I am several years down the line. There have been challenges, laughter, tears and many opportunities to learn about love. Right now I'm feeling grateful for my beautiful new surroundings and thanking the angels in heaven and on earth for their ongoing love and support.

Call upon the angels to help you access your strength and give you the clarity to overcome any challenges you may be facing.

I look forward to working from my new home. I welcome clients old and new. Those willing to learn and grow from the 'twists and turns' in their own lives journey.  


Think of something that you have created for yourself, which you are proud of? 

Write down in your personal journal the challenges you have faced, the fears that you have overcome, the 'limiting' beliefs that you stepped through, the actions that you took, the support that you enrolled.

Action Step:

Write down the personal qualities that were evolked in you through doing this? 

List all the actions you can take now towards creating your future?

Finally keep believing in yourself and never give up hope!

Much love


I welcome your comments and insights. I invite you to share your success stories, challenges you have faced, qualities that you have discovered, actions that that you took. Your wisdom will inspire others!

 * Authors note. One thing I feel it is important to re iterate is when we to set our intentions on what we are trying to achieve for ourselves it is also wise to consider how we can best be of service to others. Also be aware of 'wishful thinking' we can't force our will on anyone else or make them do something if they don't want to. Despite our ego's best efforts things come along when our soul is really ready for them and the 'growing opportunities' that they may bring. For more information on the power of intention I would recommend clicking on the link above.

When we invite the angels and 'light being's' into our lives know that they can only guide and support us on our personal journeys. There are 'no quick fixes' or 'magic pills' that we can take. The will and commitment to change our lives has to come from ourselves. God helps those who help themselves. As we face our fears and take another step towards re-membering the 'limitless potential' we have inside ourselves the angels are only too delighted to assist.

Keep posted for the follow up to this blog 'Creating a Temple of Light'    

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Jill Webster Life Enhancement Specialist



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congratulations By Unknown on Oct 10 2011 at 7:21 AM
Congratulations on your move Jill - your new place looks gorgeous and I\'m sure you will be very happy there. I can\'t wait to visit! (maybe this winter though plans tbc...) sharonx
By Unknown on Oct 10 2011 at 11:05 AM
Congratulations yourself Sharon! This amazing woman who used to be my next door neighbour in Glasgow when we were \'wee lassies\'has just published her first poetry collection \'To know Bedrock\' Her work opens my heart and streeetches my imagination.For more info and to attend the launch in London please follow this link.

lots of love Jill
Home is where the heart is By Unknown on Oct 15 2011 at 3:49 PM
Enjoyed your latest blog Jill. Looking forward to reading further insights from the creative stimulus your new home is providing. Oh, and you must include some images of your gallery with photographic canvases from around Mill of Pert Farm. Lots of love. Robert
life changes By Unknown on Oct 27 2011 at 7:40 AM
hello jill

i wrote the title.then didnt even know what i had written, inspiration thats what it was.

suddenly my life changed, losing my husband of 40 years.we were and still are hopelessly in love and all of a sudden my world was upside down.

i am on a quest to find myself again.......a reflexologist, yoga teacher, spiritual healer and councellor with the spirit world. i find myself lost like a boat without a rudder and find myself constantly using the words lost in the wilderness.........i believe in angels and know they are with me too i need direction.
By Unknown on Oct 31 2011 at 6:34 PM
I am sorry to hear of your loss. I would like to recommend a book. \'How to mend your broken heart\' by Paul McKenna and Hugh Willbourne. This book as well sharing valuable tools about how to manage the break up of a relationship with an ex also talks about the process of grief. It gives insights on how to move forward and embrace changes.

Grief comes in waves. Whilst it is so important to allow our emotions to flow, to acknowledge the times in our lives when we think we are \'lost without a paddle\' it also helps to keep our minds focused on \'There is light at the end of the tunnel\'

During times of trauma and change it is helpful to step back for a moment and observe yourself as if you were looking at you through the eyes of your own best friend. What advice would you give yourself right now?

Question: How can I be loving and supportive of myself right now?
What steps can I take today?

Let me know how you get on

love & angel blessings


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