CRAZY TOWN!! Detach, Surrender and Flow

Posted on Aug 17 2020
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CRAZY TOWN!! Detach, Surrender and Flow. So what's a gal to do when her week goes tits up? I wander if your week has been as crazy as mine. I would imagine so if you are pulled in by the title of this blog... It sure is CRAZY TOWN 'out there' with all thats coming up for us individually and collectively... A few days on from the massive download of lightcodes that the LIONS GATE PORTAL ushered in and I find myself with no hot water, since the floods we had on tuesday night. A car I can't drive due to a busted exhaust, and a computer that went into the Apple shop for an MOT and battery change pre lions gate...Since then I have been back to the shop with it for a second battery change and its still running slow. It will only work properly when it's connected to the power source.  

Make of that what you will but my take on it is that what happens frequently when we receive these light frequency downloads... We then take a while to re calibrate and ground these new energies into our bodies and onto the earth. 

So I found myself losing the notes I had made for the week underneath all the stuff I had emptied out from the boiler cupboard and LAUGHING in the process... Doing things as I feel into them 'in the moment' Thankfully I am still on furlough... Message from source coming through about not forcing things to happen... ALLOWING is the new way to work within this new energy that we are co creating on the earth. 

A friend commenting on 'how good I am in a crisis' Trust me I have had a lot of training in this area. So whats a gal to do when her week goes tits up?... There is a pun in there given my most recent life challenge, for those who have been following me on my blog.

Be present, Surrender, Detach. LAUGHTER is also a good medicine. LAUGHTER is definately the best policy when get into your car to drive yourself and your rattily old exhaust pipe down to the garage only to find that it dosen't even start now and you have to get the recovery services and a tow truck involved!!

DETACH  I put my hands up to source and asked for help. A big lesson in receiving this week, which is work in progress and still feels uncomfortable... I am sure a lot of folks reading this can relate. Hot showers at my neighbours and a friend up the road. Bless their cotton socks... I accepted the fact that there was nothing I could do to change the situation in that moment, re my car and everything else. So I sat down and looked out at the sea of green trees outside my window... Breathing and immersing myself in this sea of green. I felt so much better for it.  

SURRENDER  My car is in the garage getting sorted and I choose to have a long walk home from Aberdeen beach and then on by the River Don... Watching the water flow... Stopping occasionaly as I am guided to put my hands on the grass and anchor in this new energy... A few curious looks from passers-by... On route the plumber calls to say that I won't need to wait till next week now to get my boiler sorted. He will arrive at mine just about the time that I get back home... Bobs your uncle, fanny's your aunt (scots slang for anyone unfamiliar with this) 

FLOW  In amongst the crazy... Making time for dancing around my kitchen, clearing my aura and ROARING... Keeping the energy moving with the help of some 90's dance music.

Rhythm is a dancer. Its a SOUL companion. You can FEEL it everywhere. Lift your hands and voices. FREE YOUR MIND and join us. You can feel it in the air. 

Fast forward car is sorted and collected. I think I will give my computer the weekend to come back 'online' Can't wait to get in a hot salt bath tonight. 

With love 

Jillian 💛

Interested to hear what works for you when it all goes tits up? There is a fair bit of that happening for us all right now. 

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