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Create good Karma

Posted on Mar 01 2011
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I watched a programme recently called 'The Human Planet'. It is a series of documentaries filmed all over the world about how different cultures have adapted their lifestyes to be at one with their environment. They survive in what the majority of us would deem as extraordinary and dangerous circumstances.

The Sambura tribe live in Kenya, where water is a precious commodity. When they go trecking in the desert, they are away from the water supply in their village for many days. No one can survive in this arid land without water for very long, not even their camels.

They rely on the elephants who roam through the desert at night and use their long trunks to sniff out the underground sources of water below the desert sands.  In the morning the tribal people follow their tracks. They know that the elephants will lead them to water. They are able to replenish themselves and their animals before returning to their village.

The people in the village are very grateful to the elephants for their help in ensuring that they find the water in the desert. In return they allow the elephants who are near the village to drink from their water supplies. The tribal people and the elephants support each other to live in harmony in a challenging environment.

This got me thinking about the law of Karma, 'Do onto others what you would do unto yourself 'or 'What you give out comes back you'

If you give out positive energy, you will get positive energy back. If you help other people, other people will reach out to help you. If you have an intention to love yourself and others the world will return that love to you.


Take Action Step


As you go about your business this week take sometime to reflect on the type of karma that you are creating?

Ask yourself 'What steps can I take to change how I am experiencing the world around me'?


With love


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