Creating a temple of light / Part One : Will you step into your role as a creator of your reality?

Posted on Jan 24 2012
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This blog was born out of a vision I have of partnering with and empowering you on your journey along the road less travelled as you take the steps towards becoming your authentic self and fulfilling your true potential.

One of the visions I had was about creating my own piece of heaven upon the earth. Now that cliche will mean different things to different people. I wander what that would look like for you? For many years I have wanted a home in the country. A temple of light. A place of stillness and tranquillity. A place unique to me that I could share with others. A place that would be conducive to the healing and teaching work that I do. It's taken me a long time to get here. I gave it all up you see, on the journey of finding myself. It's an ongoing journey, as we strive towards deeper levels of personal development. However its important I feel to pause for a moment; take stock, to go with seasons and the natural rhythm's of life.                              

I have felt the need this month to be still, to make the time to look at how I want to move forward this year. I have been enjoying time to meditate, read, do a vision board, write in my journal and apprieciate the beautiful view from my kitchen window. It makes my heart swell looking out at the water behind me and different species of birds I see everyday.

It hasen't been without its challenges getting to this place of transition in my life. One foot in the old world and another in the new, choices to make, old fears coming up to be looked at one more time. New possibilities around every corner. There is however a great freedom knowing that in every moment I am creating my future reality. Every thought, every word, every action that we take effects not only our life but the live's of others and the beautiful planet that we all live on. We are all part of a greater whole. We have lost that somewhere along the line being so caught up in the 'maya' of life.

I was on a treadmill for years. I gave my power away to lots of 'things', distractions; items to buy, places to go, always busy, not taking the time to be still, to tune into my inner guidance, to find out what would really make me tick. I gave my power away to others, in some way feeling responsible for their happiness or looking for them to take care of me instead of waking up to the fact that I was responsible for creating my own reality.

2012 is the year of transition and change. It's about learning to decipher the messages that our heart is giving us. Its about taking action based on that truth.

Perhaps you are going through transitions just now and feel the need for someone to take a virtual walk alongside you for a while.

Take a moment to be still today. Bring your awareness inside your body and focus on your breathing. Observe your breath as it enters your body. Take your attention to your heart centre and allow yourself to connect with that deep place of inner wisdom. Take a moment to acknowledge whats working in your life. And now look at what's not working. What are you ready to let go of? Perhaps you would like to feel more comfortable in your own skin. Would you like to improve your health, your relationships, change your career? Or maybe you would like to take up a new creative pursuit. How would that look for you? Allow yourself to see it, feel it. Surround yourself with positive images that will help you make it real and keep you focused on what your trying to achieve.

Put them up in your kitchen, your bathroom, somewhere you will see them everyday. As you do this observe any old thoughts and feelings that would have you slipping back into old habits that no longer serve the person that you are today. The trick is to observe them, without judgement.

It's important during times of transition and change to be gentle with yourself but to hold onto a clear vision of the changes you are wanting to make in your life. To keep on chipping away, making gradual changes knowing that every step you take today will have a transformational effect on your future.

In the words of Nelson Mandela from his Inaugural speech.

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadaquate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light not our darkness that most frightens us.


Action Step

Take out a pen and paper or your personal journal. Write down

The steps that I am taking towards creating my reality in 2012 are?

In divine service


I look forward to your feedback, stories and comments.

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God Bless you Jill By Unknown on Jan 26 2012 at 5:11 PM
Wonderful, wise words of wisdom which totally resonate with me at this time. As I read your words I could feel Spirit drawing closer to me and another energy shift in my body validating the positive transition I am going through at the moment. Keep up the good work and keep inspiring others as you inspire me xx

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