Creating a temple of light / Part Two: Will you step into your role as a creator of your reality?

Posted on Dec 03 2012
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Happy New Year. I hope 2013 is a great one for you! It's been a long while since I wrote my blog post 'Creating a temple of light / Part One: Will you step into your role as a creator of your reality?' So here's the follow up.

Writing makes my heart sing. What about you? Have you ever asked yourself that question? What fires you up and makes you want to get out of bed on a cold January morning? For many of us we can get so busily caught up in the hum-drum of daily life that we don't make the time to really listen to the stirrings of our soul.

The angels have asked me to be their scribe; to share my experiences of self-discovery as I re-build my life following a spiritual awakening. It is my intention through this blog to share with you some valuable tools, personal experiences; aka life's lesson's learning. My ultimate aim is to inspire you to become the person that you were born to be - your authentic self. I hope that you will choose to walk alongside me for a while as you take the steps towards re-membering who you truly are and begin to co-create the life that you were born to live. I want to empower you to overcome the fears that would stop you from becoming your best self and expressing that out in the world. And lets face it no matter what is going on in our life if we can open up to seeing the lighter/brighter side in everything that we do it sure makes it easier to go about our daily business.

The saying 'Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly' comes to mind. So let's focus on BE-ING JOYFUL as we meander along this path. It's a choice that we can make no matter what is going on around us.

So one year on - wow what a year! The house is now furnished. If you have been keeping up with previous posts you will remember that I arrived here with very few possesions. I had a big clear out on many levels before I moved to Angus. Nothing like storing all your goods and shackles in two friends garages in between leaving my old home and finding my new one to make you realise what's essential and what you can really manage to do without!

I have produced my first angel meditation CD EmpowerYOU. A big thank you to the shops who have taken this;'Jules Healing Gems', 'To Fly with the Angels' and to my friend Janis Louden who runs 'Corse House. A centre for well-being in Aberdeenshire'. Also I'm grateful to those who have purchased the CD/MP3 through my website and to all who came along to the live performance of this meditation at The Body & Soul Fair in Dundee. For many wayshowers, and those developing themselves on their spiritual path last year was the year for facing our fears about getting out there, being seen, being heard and letting go of the walls of protection around our hearts. What have I learned? All of the above but here are my top five tips towards co-creating your reality and living the life that you deserve.

1) Rest, Recharge, Relax, Create. The number one rule of co-creating your reality is to be in alignment with what you are wanting to create. Check out 'The Secret', 'Abraham Hicks' and Wayne Dyer for more wisdom about this.

Fact: We cannot be in alignment with what we are wanting to create if we are feeling tired, cranky and stressed. Therefore it is imperative that we are feeling good when we are thinking about that which we are wanting to manifest and that we take action when we are feeling good. When we are feeling inspired to make something happen. Perhaps you can identify with that whooosh of excitement you feel in the gut when you know that something feels right. The intelligence of the mind and body working together in perfect synergy. So get yourself feeling good. Are you ready for the challenge, no matter what is going on in your life? It is up to you.

So what about the days when your not feeling good? Make sure you have in place a tool kit to help you support yourself. One of my favourite's is watching movies in the middle of the day. Cooking is another favourite. Taking the time to make a nice nourishing bowl of soup. Sitting down to a wonderfully coloured plate of food, freshly prepared and well presented. You just can't beat it! Remember rest isn't anti-work. It's pro-work.

Make a list of what recharges your energy?

Many of us are going through a cleansing and purging process just now; mental, physical and emotional. We are clearing out old outdated ways of thinking and behaving that would prevent us from fulifilling our true potential and life purpose. We are learning to take back our power. We are embracing a new way of being which will help transform our lives and have a powerful impact on those around us and the world we live in. Everything is exactly as its meant to be. We have to clear our physical vessel in order to re-create our lives based on our true identity.

We are letting go of the fear based beliefs of separation, lack and limitation of the past that would prevent us from becoming our authentic self and reconnecting to our divine source, god, the creator, all that is. We are embodying the light of our soul into our body and being given the opportunity to make our unique contribution in the world based on that premise. We are creating a new world. Freeing ourselves from the limitations of the mind. So follow your hearts dear ones. The beauty in our world is all around us for those who have eyes to see it. Everything you need to achieve your heartfelt goals and turn them into a reality will be provided for you along the way. Keep believing in yourself and never give up hope.

2) Reach out for support. Remember you don't have to do this alone. I repeat you don't have to do this alone. Honest indian! And YES it does get easier the more that we can learn to ask for help. Build a good support network around you. Ask for help, guidance and support from friends, colleagues, support groups and not forgetting the angels, ascended masters and higher beings of light who are rooting for you! This isn't something I've found easy to do. What about yourself? I can now offically say though that I've retired from my long term position of being 'the general manager of the universe!' I can hear the words of my partners voice echoing in my ear. 'We are not supposed to be good at doing everything. If you can't do it just leave it and ask me when I come down or leave it and find another way. You don't have to prove that you can do this.' Wise words aren't they?

They have usually hit home when I've been a gibbering wreck after spending hours on the computer trying to figure out how to do something (my 'technical drama'), driving myself way too hard and am exhausted (you know the script!)  So on a practical level if you're not good at asking for support, start with the small stuff and then work up to the bigger things. Also be prepared for people to say no. Don't take it personally. We all lead such busy life's these days. Sooner or later if your making every effort yourself to achieve your heartfelt goals then you will manifest the right people in your life to help you with this. I have written many angel stories which I like to re-visit on the days when I am crippled with self-doubt. Well, why do you think I keep doing this work? The work WORKS. If you catch my drift!

I would strongly recommend that you keep a journal. This can be used as a self- acknowledgement tool, i.e. list the challenges, read 'growing opportunities' that you have faced, the fears you overcame, the qualities that you have uncovered through facing your fears. A good technique to manage anxiety and worry is to write down a particular dilemma that you are facing on one half of the page and then on the other side list all the possible solutions that you can come up with to support yourself with this. You get the jist! Use your journal to record all the magical syncronicities that will start to occur in your life as you begin to waken up to your true identity.

I want to say something here about the wealth of 'etherial support' that is also available to us at this time. The angels are keen to help us succeed if we come from our hearts. If what we are trying to achieve will not only benefit ourselves but it is also for the 'greater good' then they will gladly open doors for us to achieve our goals. They want to help us to move forward but we also have to be willing to take a step towards what we are trying to achieve. Taking action is key. Keep moving forward, continue to stretch out of the 'comfort zone'. Remember to do it in managable steps. Your energy levels, mood and motivation will be a guide gauge for this. We are all a work in progress. Be gentle as you grow.

3) Create joy-fuelled experiences. It is time to celebrate your life today. You will never get to where you want to be tommorow if you can't accept where you are today. If you want to move from a place of stuckness and fear to a place of fluidity and gratitude it's all about attitude. Even if money is tight, remember the words from the song by 'Bing Crosby', The best things in life are free. Make a list of what you can do for yourself right now that dosen't cost much money? There has been times in my life these last few years when funds have been limited. I've used my spare time time to read, work on my spiritual development, go walking, have a clear out; sort through cupboards & paperwork. You know, the 'stuff' we never quite find the time to do but are glad when we get caught up on it. It's also amazing how many free or donation-only events you can find when you start looking for them. Many miracles are created when we focus on what's good in our lifes.


List some of the reasons that you have to be cheerful?

4) Taking the reins. As I write this I'm being shown two images. One is at dressage equestrian event where a perfectly poised horse and rider are cantering around the ring. The rider is focused. Every step the horse makes is graceful and precise. The other is of a woman riding barefoot on a horse. Mmmm... is that even possible? She is dashing through the countryside, her hair fleeing in the wind. Both have equal merit. There are times in life when it's good to go with the flow and others when if we want to take command of our life then being focused is essential. Everything we do in life begins with a choice. We may have a vision of where we are going, however, if we don't get on the back of the horse and guide it in the right direction then it ain't going to happen! Become aware of the choices that you are making. Are they leading you towards or away from your goals and aspirations?

Remember to intersperse your creative activities with everyday tasks. All common sense stuff, but as a good friend of mine says 'we can know it but putting it into practice is a whole different ball game!'. It takes self-disipline. Spend your free time with the people who invigorate you. Focus on blocking out distractions in your life. Do the things that get your own mojo up and then you will attract towards you those people on a similar vibration.

5) Moving forward - embracing fear.  Is fear preventing you from doing the work you were born to do? Many way-showers, lightworkers are afraid of their intuitive gifts. We may have learned to doubt ourselves and believe that it's not safe to be who we truly are.  If our past/past-life conditioning is to hide away, stay silent, then it will take a whole lot of grit, balls and determination to do the opposite. I was at a talk recently where someone mentioned 'it is part of our british culture to not blow our own trumpet and talk about our achievements'. So what are the fears; fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of what other people may think of you, fear of success? I have found through personal experience that the anger and frustration that builds up inside me when I'm not doing the thing that I'm afraid of becomes the catalyst to help me overcome the fear. I have the following extract from a book by Dan Millman, 'The life you were born to live'. The law of action is about overcoming self doubt and acting with confidence.

'Remember how much you want to go outside and continue on your way, on your life path. Despite all the reasons you 'can't' or 'shouldn't' or are 'not capable enough'. Follow through. Focus on the goal. Walk out the door'.

Notice how different this feels. Experience the principle and power of pure action.

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And now it's your turn. You know I love to hear your comments.

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Feeling Light Around My Temples lol! By Unknown on Jan 17 2013 at 9:37 PM
Hi Jill, What a lovely gift for the New Year. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog and will be putting a few points back into practise, it is easy to get side tracked and forget the obvious with so much going on right now. Thank you so much for being you and getting out there and waving that light around for others to see in the dark. Love your writing style. Looking forward to the book. Love Karen xx

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