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Posted on Jan 26 2015
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I was invited by one of my mentors last week to sit down and write a letter to my heart. For the past 15 years I have journeyed deep into it's core. I had agreed on a soul level before coming to the earth in this incarnation to transmute and transform the darkness through its centre, and like you, to do my bit in moving humanity forward at this time of great change.... I have sat in the belly of my wounds; pain, fear, shame, guilt, abandonment, rejection, and now I'm ready to fly some more...!!
Truth be told I ummed and aahed about sharing this for fear of appearing too up my own arse... But there comes a time when you have carried the load for others that in the unlikely event of being percieved as being up your own arse (as long as it's for the higher good of humanity) it doesn't really seem like that bad a prospect....It brings me such joy to continue to share these posts with you in the hope that they will give you hope and inspiration to navigate your way through the rivers of change ahead and become the person that you were born to be....LOVE is all there is. LOVE is eternal. LOVE will bring you all that you need to fulfill your mission and purpose upon the earth.....

Dear heart / beloved I am presence

I am you and you are she. There is no separation between us now. You had to let go of the part of you that wanted to believe you were separate and now you are whole. Archangel Metatron is lighting a candle for you, Archangel Michael is standing beside him. The veils have been lifted and the path ahead is clear, but you must stand strong in your convictions. The sword of truth stands proudly by your side. Align your consciousness with all you have been asking for. For in truth there is no separation, only love and love abounds from every cell and pore of your being. Your DNA has been transformed.

You are a mighty warrior, a fierce lioness. A gauntlet has been given to you. You must ride your horse with pride and might. Stand tall in your convictions. Every fragment of your soul radiates light and truth and love. And from that place of eternal love comes a mighty force to be reckoned with.

A day of reckoning has come. You must shine your beacon of light so brightly for others to see. Raise the consciousness of those who need to hear your words, those who are ready to listen. Behold the truth of who you truly are. Embrace change. Be like the chameleon, a mighty warrior, the ability to shape shift, with a tough outer layer. Inspire and be inspired. Open up, spread the love, spread it far and wide. We are singing in the higher realms. Your soul is rising and the gifts that you will be given will help others to see the truth of who they truly are.

For in truth there is no separation only love. Rise like a phoenix from the ashes. The chalice of light that you have been given will support the people who most need it. Be willing to grow, take action based on the truth of who you truly are.

LOVE is all there is. LOVE is eternal. LOVE will bring you all that you need to fulfill your mission and purpose upon the earth. Radiate your light and love and allow this time to reflect on the past and become the person that you were born to be.

So dear warriors I would like to invite you to sit down and write a letter to your heart, without censoring, just allowing the words to flow....

What message is it giving you, what are your deepest desires, what needs to be let go of in order to FULLY become the person that YOU were born to be?

Needing some support in navigating through these rivers!?!!..... I'd be honored to work with YOU.

Thank you for ' liking, sharing, commenting '

Love in abundance!

Jill xx


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