Do Angels Really Exist?

Posted on May 29 2012
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To read some inspiring Angel stories from my journal CLICK HERE

I wander if you could help me out with a bigger project that I am involved in? I am an accredited teacher of angels with the Dianna Cooper School we are collecting 1000 inspiring angel stories for a book to be published later this year.

I would love to hear any spiritual moments or inspiring stories that you have to share?

Post your stories here or on my Aberdeen Business Network Page

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Yes they do! By Unknown on Jun 02 2012 at 9:18 AM
Hi Jill. After seeing your post on, just wanted to briefly share my really positive experience. On a holiday a few years ago, I felt the presence of an angel beside me for the very first time. Although a little unnerved at first, the experience gave me a feeling of being looked after and also helped with the contentment I've had in my life for many years now. My angels experiences are something that I can't really explain or understand properly (and that's ok!) but continue to be a warm and reassuring part of my life. AS, Aberdeen

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