Do positive affirmations really work?

Posted on Apr 15 2013
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I've been working with positive affirmations for years but have noticed a big difference in some of the things happening now in my life since I've been adding into my affirmations not only what I would like to happen for myself but how they can really benefit others.

I know this stuff but as I mentioned in my last blog post. Creating a temple of light/Part Two: Will you step into your role as a creator of your reality?'

'We can know this stuff but putting it into practice is a whole different ball game'

So in an endeavour to continue to practice what I preach I have REALLY been focusing on this from a HEART-CENTRED place. Writing my affirmations down and voicing them out load in my morning routine. 

Things are manifesting in my life at record speed! The amazing synchronicities, connections, information to be shared between the people I'm being drawn towards and those who are drawn towards me. There are no accidents in this universe!

We are all part of a giant cosmic computer, that is continuously picking up on our energetic vibrations; our thoughts, words, deeds and actions and transmitting them out into the ether. This puts a whole different meaning on the classic song 'He's got the whole world in his hands'.

I'm sharing a few of the affirmations and mantras I've been working with recently:

- Thank you for the opportunities that I have to do my work in service of spirit. I love my work. It fills me with passion, joy and enthusiasm. Divine love and wisdom flows easily through me. I let go and I let spirit guide me along the path where I am sharing my unique talents and gifts for the highest good and greatest joy of all. 

- Thank you for all the beautiful people around me who make me laugh and for my ability to laugh lots and bring joy and humor into the lives of everyone I connect with.

- Thank you for my good health. My body from top to toe is in perfect radiant health. I am warm, relaxed, my creative energy flows through easily through me. Everyone around me benefits from my radiant health and well-being.

- Thank you for all the information given to me by spirit so that I can use my creative abilities to benefit others for the highest good and greatest joy of all.  

- Thank you for my beautiful, comfortable home that is a portal of light, a place for me to re-charge my batteries. To love and nurture myself now and always. Everyone who enters this sacred space really benefits from the healing energy that is working for the highest good and the greatest joy of all.   

- Thank you for the wonderful group of like-minded, fun loving, supportive and inspirational friends I have in my life. All my relationships are based on mutual respect, love and trust

So be it. So it is.

N.B You may also wish to add into your affirmations:

' I ask for all this under the law of grace and in accordance with the higher will '.

This is in essence a 'spiritual get out clause' meaning that we can't always see the bigger picture in the grand plan of our lives and this allows for the highest outcome to unfold. It's another way of asking for things to work out for the highest good and greatest joy of all.  


Take action step:

Write down a list of your affirmations.Think about some of the ways that you can turn these affirmations into a reality. What actions can you take right now?

Finally thank you to Patricia Iris Kerins for her timely reminders about 'this stuff'. I would thorougly recommend listening to her on the transformation talk radio show and in particular tuning into the show (april 2013) about 'the divine femine entrepreur finding your voice and using it to manifest'. I loved it so much I listened to it twice!

Leaving you with a message to 'Never under estimate the power of positive thinking'

♥ Namaste to all you way showers and warriors of the light! ♥


Keep posted for my next blog for my tops tips about 'The Power of Surrender'. Learn about tuning into your intuitive inner guidance and knowing the difference between when to take action and when to let go and LET GOD.

For more information on harnessing the power of the new moon to assist you with your manifestation skills please visit the post in the notes section on my face book page Jill Webster Intuitive Healer & Coach.

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UPDATE I've just had a flash of inspiration about starting a golden thread of positive affirmations which with our intention will weave its way around the earth to assist with self and planetary healing. Would you like to join us?
Take some time to breath and to still the mind. Take your attention to your heart. Focus on FEELING love. Visualise a golden thread of light coming from your heart centre, wrapping it all around your heart. Then wrap this thread of light all around yourself, untill you are immersed in a golden cocoon of light. Next hold the intention and visualise that this golden thread of light, love and positivity is expanding in your heart centre and moving outwards from yourself until you can see and feel it wrapping all around the earth. You can do this everytime you voice your affirmations.
Post your affirmations and experiences below. 

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