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Posted on Jul 11 2020
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There is a poignant line in the epic movie ' Eat, Pray, Love ' which feature Julia Roberts travelling around the world to re discover herself after her divorce. She sits down on a rug on the floor in her Italian villa to eat her brunch... She is wearing an beautiful negligee, the sun is shinning through the window and glistening in her auburn hair... She quotes in Italian 'dolce far niente' which means the sweetness of doing nothing. 

For many this lockdown phase has been a deeper invitation to fully engage with this concept. Some, and I include myself in this have found it more challenging than others to fully get a handle on. The trouble with being a highly creative person is that you get so many ideas from the constant stimulus that life has to offer. You write them down but find it hard to keep up with it all. Your spirit is a creative powerhouse, but your body needs to balance that out with a good routine of self-care in order to birth the creative ideas into action. 

That coupled with the fact that the wayshowers are being called into action big time during these tumultuous times, means that we can find ourselves in a quagmire... We are being pulled in directions to share our light, wisdom and passion but its also important that we keep creating the space needed for ourselves to ground and integrate these new incoming energies. 

I thought I'd sailed through the latest eclipse energy, full moon upgrades last weekend with relative ease but it hit me like a lead ballon yesterday. The fatigue, disturbed sleep, queasiness and intense waves of emotion that can sometimes accompany these light portals opening. When this happens the need for more stillness and rest becomes not just a luxury but a necessity.

I am still working with my resistance to sitting still and to fully feeling the depth and power of my emotions... After walking with a friend yesterday we were both discussing the grief we felt after recently losing family members that were dear to us. We acknowledged how we were also tapping into the unified field of collective grief as so many of us let go of old ways of being. When I came home today and looked at my 'to do list' my body had other ideas. 

So I surrendered to the fatigue and grief that I was feeling. I acknowleged the fact that the last 10 months have been a rollercoaster. A huge initiation, through a diagnosis of primary breast cancer... A wake up call to nurture myself more... And how after standing in my power and saying no to a mastectomy and conventional treatment... In favor of loving myself and forgiving my past... I had come off the battlefield; bloodied and bruised... What a joy its been to have this time to heal my wounds and to come back to my true self again.  

What followed the surrender yesterday was the joy of sitting by my window watching the wind blow through the tree leaves, sipping earl grey tea from a china cup with roses on it. Enjoying my homemade banana loaf. Meditating and then laying down for a rest. Listening to the seagulls squawking outside my window, appreciating the smell of woody incense... The inspiration for the title of this blog. 

I realised that I was letting go of such a deeply ingrained way of being, the need to 'be doing' something. Driven by a core wound that in order to be loved, validated and accepted I had to be achieving something... It wasn't OK to just be me. The wounding at the heart of humanity that I/WE are not enough and powerless victims to outdated constructs and ways of being that are no longer serving us. I have been wrestling with this one for a while. I know I am not alone in this. We are clearing a deeply ingrained way of being in society which is that it is not safe to be who we are which is LOVE at our core. 

In order to avoid embodying our innate birthright of love, health, wisdom... And fuelled by the systems currently in place to fill the void we embark on a journey of busyness; doing, achieving, pushing, shoving, competing... But all the systems built on that false premise are collapsing. Over the next few years they will continue to collapse. We are being called to re discover the love, creativity and 'innovation within ourselves' to build the new structures and new ways of being and doing in the world. This will be the new foundation for our children and their children. 

The process can and will more easily come to fruition if we can first learn to embody 'dolce far niente' The sweetness of doing nothing. 

With love

Jillian 💛

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