Financial Security Versus Self Love. What are your thoughts?

Posted on Apr 08 2015
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So it got me thinking when I saw this quote 'It's not selfish to love yourself, take care of yourself and to make your happiness a priority. It's necessary' and I'm remembering back to a time in my life when the concept of 'loving myself' was alien to me. I didn't have any knowledge of such things. I worked liked the clappers, ran around like a blue arse fly, partied hard, pleased and placated others and eventually I hit rock bottom.

My health was suffering, my romantic relationships were pants, they followed the same pattern of me constantly looking for a man to make me feel loved, worthy and secure... I was looking for 'things' and to others to fill the void that I had inside of me and because I was looking to others to fill that void I kept attracting men that re-enforced my underlying beliefs about myself. I was left feeling lost, lonely, disillusioned with life and yearning for love.

Now unfortunately/fortunately.... I can see the gift in it now.... I learned the hard way about RE-CLAIMING myself and making my health & happiness a priority. However with those choices I made to 'love myself' came challenges and on they continue.... I let go of a business, which supported my comfortable lifestyle, I let go of the kudos I had going on around being a beauty business owner (boy that was a toughie, a big blow to my ego, working part time in coffee shop to make ends meet and serving my ex clients their cappuccinos!) I let go of friends who weren't on the same path as me. I let go of men (I was on a detox for 3 years ladies!) I let go of limiting beliefs and behavoirs. I let go of worrying about what others would think of me because I was travelling along a road less travelled.... I let go of financial security.

However the paybacks have been enormous. The moments of love that I experience are bliss beyond belief and I found that through finding myself. So what does loving yourself really mean, well it's horse's for courses as they say, but for me it's been about creating a lifestyle that is in alignment with my heart and soul. Having the financial means to support that lifestyle, having time to 'smell the roses', to enjoy the company of others, to cook, to write, to walk in the beauty of nature, to live a healthy lifestyle at a pace that I determine rather than what society dictates and to make a difference in the world by sharing my learning's with others in a way that enhances their lives.

FINANCIAL SECURITY VERSUS SELF LOVE well theres no contest really, why not have both?.....Financial security comes from being in alignment with whom you really are and doing what you love. And before you ask no I am not walking on sunshine all the time..Lol! BUT I feel a lot freer having let go of my attachment to the labels and 'the things' that I once used as a crutch to define my happiness.

Anyone been on a similar journey. Financial Security versus Self Love I'd love to hear your thoughts?

With love 


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