Fleas, Spiritual Messengers…….The POWER of LETTING GO!!

Posted on Nov 02 2014
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The path towards enlightenment is filled with many 'twists and turns' and an inevitable part of that is dealing with endings and new beginnings......letting go of attachments to people, places and situations that are no longer in alighment with our vibrational frequency. And so it will always be as we walk the path of self-realization.

I know from many personal experiences that the process of letting go can be a painful but empowering experience. I have recently had to let go of a cat who was bringing fleas into my home, they unfortunately saw me as their next meal ticket!!......( fleas are parasites who live off their hosts ) She wasn't my cat otherwise I would have given her the treatment that she needed, but she has been a regular visitor and a loving companion these last couple of years. So message received load and clear and after a gentle (chemical free) detox of my you know that a mixture of salt and baking soda works very well on de-fleaING carpets and sofas.....:) I have a sense that the fleas now have their marching boots on!! As I let me tears flow for the cat I realised that she unfortunately wasn't ready to move forward with me and I let her go. She has her own journey to go on......

If you need some assistance sifting through what is no longer working for you. I'm on hand with many practical and energetic tools. I am now working at Aberdeen Wellbeing Centre (friday afternoons only) and I'm offering HALF PRICE SESSIONS (Introductory offer) And of course continuing to work from my home near Laurencekirk where as well as my one to one sessions I am now offering personal retreats for those who are serious about their personal & spiritual growth. Those who feel that they have a big contribution to make in the world and need some help getting there.

If you would like to book your initual free consultation to find out how we can work together you can call me on my M:07792 322362 and I'd be delighted to talk to you.

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