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Posted on Jan 22 2021
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One of the main catalysts for waking me up to who I truly am and what my purpose is has been my health. You may have experienced this differently, although I suspect that if you read my posts you have also had challenges in that area or you know someone that has. After burning out in my early thirties and having an auto immune condition called candidiasis I followed my intuition and healed my body through changing my diet and pulling away from my party lifestyle. At that point in my journey I was all in. I did everything from food sensitivity testing, elimination diets to juice detoxes.... Colonic irrigation to home coffee enemas.

That was the first step to getting my physical body in better shape so I could then deal with the emotional, mental and spiritual areas that were coming up in my life to be addressed for healing...Thus allowing my body to return to it's natural state of equilibruim.

Since then I have been aware of how my body feels when I eat certain foods, does it like this? does it not? I found my balance with food the 70/30 rule, i.e a little bit of what we fancy does us good. I have found that life can be awfully boring, not to mention anti social without a few indulgences. 

When I was diagnosed with primary breast cancer aged 50, I touched briefly on my diet again. But it didn't feel right this time for me to follow a rigid way of eating and taking lots of supplements. It felt too controlling. I had an instant sinking feeling in my body. Not that there isn't a time and a place for certain diets. Sometimes they are needed to assist our bodies innate ability to heal itself. 

I took a different tact. In order to deal with the big C diagnosis I received I choose to follow the path of listening to my inner guidance system on what I needed to do to return home to myself on a deeper level. I am at present continuing to follow that path. Which involves showing up and sharing my unique blend of magic, whilst encouraging others to do the same. 

I love to cook and eat. I celebrate all the wonderful things we can do creatively with our food. Combining flavors, colours and textures, not to mention the beautiful aromas...The benefits it has on our physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. 

At a time when many are fearful about their health. I would encourage you to get creative in the kitchen. To tune into what your body is telling you that it needs right now so that you can feel and be at your best. 

This week I have felt guided towards to taking a couple of cloves of chopped raw garlic with a glass of warm water before breakfast. 

I am interested to hear what foods your body is intuitively guided to eat just now and how they are making you feel? 

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F. Jillian Webster - Living from the Heart


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