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Posted on Dec 17 2014
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got a new carpet fitted in my hall and office last week ….a birthday and early christmas present to myself….and as I look around my home today I feel very lucky to have been guided to this house and to this area 3 years ago….with all this space in which to live and work and a very accommodating landlord to boot!!…. Those of you who have been following the musings on my blog will know that in order to create my own piece of heaven on earth I've had to do a huge amount of inner and outer work in the areas around self-love, self-worth, self-acceptance and releasing my past….and on the journey continues. This year more so than previous years has been such a heart opening experience for me. I've developed a new found love for animals, especially cats and a deeper empathy for those who are struggling to make ends meet. I remember a time some 8 years ago when I took a leap of faith and left my beauty business in order to concentrate on my spiritual development…. I went through all my savings and didn't know how I was going to pay the bills from month to month….One thing it did teach me though was to appreciate the simple things in life and to be more mindful about how I spent money. Now I'm still getting on my own feet again after collapsing and then slowly re-building the foundations but at least I have some savings in the bank… And now its christmas time and we are being soooo pumped full of everything that we can buy and I found myself being pulled into IT for a while….will I get a ponsettia plant to put on my table….or maybe a some nuts and a nut cracker….some more stocking filler gifts…a new xmas jumper???….Ooooh the choices are endless at this time of year. Spare a thought though when you are tucking into your xmas feast for all those peeps who are struggling to make ends meet and the parents who go without a meal so that their children can eat.... No matter how worse off you think you are there is always some one worse off than yourself. One thing I am doing just now is donating to the food banks in Tesco's…buying 4 or 5 extra items when I do my weekly shop…and it really does feel good to give…..

If you would like some support releasing your past so that you can step into YOUR bright new future in 2015 then I'd be honoured to work with YOU!! Consultations are available from my home near Laurencekirk, at 
Aberdeen Wellbeing Centre where I am currently offering half prices sessions to anyone who hasn't worked with me before and also via Skype. You can call me on M:07792 322362 for a free no obligation chat or e mail me at to set up a suitable time.

Wishing you oodles of love and festive cheer!!


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