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Posted on Jul 27 2016
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I wanted to let you know about some specialised 1-2-1 work that I am doing on ENERGETIC CLEARING,GROUNDING & PROTECTION.

Of course the best protection of all is to stay connected to the source of love within and without. However as so many of us are going through our own personal challenges just now; opening our hearts, cleansing and releasing all that no longer serves us, from many lifetimes there is a lot of 'stuff' flying about in the ether. This can make it tough going for the SENSITIVES & EMPATHS amoung us.

These important spiritual tools (ENERGETIC CLEARING, GROUNDING & PROTECTION) are often overlooked and sometimes we forget to put them into practice. They can benefit not only our personal relationships but also our ability to manage stress and overwhelm and feel less scattered in our lives.

Would you like the support of a mentor to;

- Unhook yourself from UNHELPFUL PATTERNS OF BEHAVIOUR and CHALLENGING SITUATIONS in the dynamic of your relationships.

- LEARN or REFRESH yourself on ways to cleanse your chakra system and energetic protection so that you are in control of what you are letting into your energy field.

- Remain BALANCED and DETACHED from other peoples dramas.

- RAISE YOUR VIBRATION & FOCUS on areas in your life that need attention.

If you would like to book a session or have any questions feel free to get in touch to see if we are a good fit to work together.

Much love


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