How easy would it be for you to let go of your TO-DO-LIST for today?

Posted on Jun 23 2015
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How easy would it be for you to LET GO of your TO-DO-LIST for today?….Barring a few of the absolute essentials of course……and going from moment to moment doing what needs to be done, whilst incorporating some time to do what makes your heart sing. Turning off the pressure button and letting your day unfold…….. Feeling your body soften and your mind relax. From that place of stillness and peace comes a deeper connection to who you truly are….You can access a well of creative resources… If we can stay in that place of conscious awareness for long enough, letting go of the minds tendency to dwell in the past or tell us what we really SHOULD be doing, instead of enjoying what we are doing right now, we become more alert to these creative urges.

You know that whoosh of joy and inspiration you get in your belly when your not trying to MAKE SOMETHING HAPPEN... Your drying your hair or making a pot of soup and you get an urge to make a blog post knowing that if you follow through with it in that moment that there will be someone out there reading this who will get what your saying….…Perhaps they will chuckle inside or breathe a sign of relief thinking 'Ooh I'm not the only one then'

Believe me I haven't found it easy to let go of running around like a hamster on a wheel in fact this pattern was deeply imbedded within me in this life and in previous ones. This RESISTANCE to being kinder to myself, to listening to the signals that my body was giving me… turning off the PRESSURE cooker of demands, judgements and things that I need to achieve otherwise I’ll be nothing, nobody…my existence wont be validated. It has showed up in various guises from perfectionism, tiredness, mini meltdowns and burn out symptoms… …Now it would be pie in the sky to say that we can do what suits us at every moment of the day…. but we can try incorporating more of those moments of calmness, joy and flow by stilling our minds, relaxing our bodies, accepting what is and knowing that we don't have to go chasing off too far into the future … With practice it comes. We can just BE here in this moment …Doing what we can do, to the best of our abilities with the all the resources that we have to date…. Accessing deeper states of love & compassion for ourselves and others…We don't have to be anything other than who we are right now…We are here…. All is well.


With love



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