How you see your future is much more important than what has happened in your past.

Posted on Dec 03 2014
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It really lifts my heart when I get a message from someone who I have been working with who was in physical & emotional pain and is starting to see subtle differences in themselves through making tweaks and adjustments in their life. I remember how frightened and powerless I felt 15 years ago when I was ill, depressed, my relationships weren't working out and I didn't know how to slow down…. At that point it felt as if my whole body had shut down. There was a feeling of coldness in my lower back and womb area and so I went to the doctor. He I'm sure was doing his best with all the knowledge that he had but he didn't recognise my condition and wanted to give me pills to take. And then something inside me woke up, my inner guidance system switched itself on and so it took me on a journey of healing, self discovery, growth ….and the universe heard my cries for help and the right books started to come into my hands that opened my eyes to foods that can heal your body and energy medicine……And the right people came into my life to offer their guidance and I no longer felt powerless….. I was beginning to feel EMPOWERED knowing that I was being held, loved and supported and I was learning to love myself, something I'd never really done before because I was so programmed to look after the needs of others. And so my body healed itself and needless to say because I was putting myself first it rocked a few peoples boats….. relationships that no longer served me fell away and there were tears and challenges and fears to face in learning to do things a different way…. putting myself first…. but I was also feeling happy and free and in charge of my life again. And I became passionate about sharing my wisdom with others….supporting them on their journey of awakening…. If any of this strikes a cord I would love to work with YOU… yourself and everything in your life will change quite dramatically…...


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