I love you just the way you are

Posted on Aug 25 2014
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What if all we really wanted was to be loved and accepted for who we truly are. It's that simple no thrills and spills, no pushing, shoving, compeating or proving. Just being our unique selves. Loving with an open heart, allowing ourselves to be loved. Feeling worthy of love.

For love is timeless, formless, and when we open our hearts to truly give and receive love then life becomes a bountiful playground of opportunities, possibilities, PASSION!!... And as we love so shall we reap the benefits of the divine tapestry of light that is weaving its way around our being. Our essence, our light, our love in all it's glory.

For love is timeless, formless, an expression of our unique essence and when we allow ourselves to bask in the light of the divine, then life becomes a magical playground. A place where we can stand tall and proud, a giver and receiver, a light so pure in it's essence that all our self doubts and fears will melt away and all that is left is timeless, formless, our essence of pure, unadulterated love.

With love

© Jill Webster


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