Lets talk about faith baby.

Posted on May 18 2016
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'Lets talk about faith baby. Lets talk about you and me'.....When we walk the path of 're-membering' who we truly are our faith is often tested…. things not going quite the way we planned or expected, even though we worked hard, and pushed to make them happen. Sound familiar?

- Having faith is knowing that we are OK no matter whats happened in our lives and that we are going to be OK even if we have been through a really tough time and we can't see a way out of the maze. We can choose to believe it.
- Having faith is holding a belief or having an awareness that we are part of something bigger than ourselves. God/Goddess, Universe, Creator (if you like)….That there is a bigger picture unfolding in our lives, and we can't always see it.

The universe has our back, there is a perfect time for things to happen. AND/or if things didn't work out the way we had it all planned out in our head...damn & bollocks!?$! then perhaps there is a reason and there is something better coming our way.
- Having faith is being connected to our inner guidance system (feelings) and our higher guidance system (the something bigger!)
- Having faith is knowing when our feelings (emotions) are giving us a message to take action OR when to surrender, allow, accept things as they are and let them unfold as they are meant to be.

Are there any situations in your life that have tested your faith recently and how did you handle them? Leave a comment in the box below.

Love Jill 

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