Life is a series of Expansions and Contractions

Posted on Apr 16 2020
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Life is a series of expansions and contractions...We grow and expand from a seed inside our mothers womb...We contract to go down the birthing canal, and expand again to get our first taste of what it is to breathe the fresh air into our lungs.

We grow into adulthood through a series of experiences that expand and contract our consciousness, as we learn what it is to be a HUMAN BEING on this planet.

We are in enforced lock down just now where naturally you may feel yourself contracting inwards. We are for the most part confined to our homes, and you may be feeling fear about the impact the virus will have on you and your familys health...As well as all the economic uncertainty that this is generating. 

Yet there is great EXPANSION in this process...Humanity has reached a tipping point; being shown to me like the earth cracking open, and many souls are falling down the crater into the abyss...But do not lose HOPE, for hope and LOVE never die, they continue to burn like the last embers in a fire. 

We are a resilient species with many untapped resources that are coming to the fore again. For us to rise up WHOLE HEARTEDLY from the ashes, with a greater depth and wisdom than before. RISE UP and SHINE your light upon the earth, and watch it flower again from the depths of winter to the first taste of summer. 

The summer months will be tough also, many of you will lose hope...But you will see that as a species you have a new purity, which you are only just being able to tap into. 

Governments will crumble, nations will rebuild themselves on a firmer footing than before. The depth of your wisdom as a species will flower again and many souls will rise up to meet you. 

With love

Jillian 💛

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Jillian Webster-Living from the Heart

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