LOCKDOWN versus LOVE IN which do you prefer?

Posted on Mar 26 2020
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What if we changed the word LOCKDOWN to LOVE IN...A change in perspective during these uncertain times...For some, and I include myself in this, LOVE IN is proving to be a welcome reprieve from the 'FULL ON NESS' of normal life...For others it is bringing up fear and panic, concerns about money (and rightly so for the self employed amoung us who are waiting to get clarity on the support available during these challenging times)...It is revealing our habitual ways of thinking and behaving that aren't always supportive of our health and well being...Like the majority of us just now I am keeping abreast of current developments regarding COVID-19.

After a couple of days of watching Piers Morgan beating his gums on UK breakfast TV and eating more dark chocolate than I normally do, I am getting into a routine now...Writing a list of what needs to be sorted at home...Stuff that I dont normally have time for...Painting my back rooms, experimenting with new recipes, really appreciating my once a day walk in nature, getting back to my home pilates practice, having salt and aromatherapy oil baths, grounding meditations, lighting candles, burning incense, having virtual coffee dates with friends via Skype and Whatsapp. Listening to my inner creative muse and writing more spontaneous blog posts.

What if this LOVE IN was an opportunity to come home within ourselves...To JOURNEY INTO THE STILLNESS OF OUR INNER BEING...That place INSIDE our HEARTS where we can find the comfort and support that we are seeking just now.

What if when we have taken care of the important practicalities of working from home or on the front line, feeding and spending quality time with our families...Checking that our elderly parents have everything that they need. Making sure that our basic financial needs are covered, that this LOVE IN was an opportunity for a home retreat.

What if this LOVE IN of retreating into our HEART and HOME is helping us to feel more WHOLE, JOYFUL and BALANCED.

What if this LOVE IN became a regular practice in our lives when we feel the overwhelm creeping up on us.

What if this LOVE IN is helping us gain an inner FREEDOM so that when we RE EMERGE in the outer world we do so from a place of deeper LOVE, UNDERSTANDING, COMPASSION for ourselves, others and our planet...Having an awareness in our life of the SIMPLE THINGS that make us HAPPY.

I would love to hear how your LOVE IN is going? Please feel free to share this and post in the comments box below.

With all my love 

Jillian 💛


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