Meet the Goddess Persephone

Posted on Feb 01 2021
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Meet the Goddess Persephone, she and I have been dancing in the underworld. But we only meet in person last year, which is quite ironic really. She made her grand entrance into my life when a friend invited me on a day trip to a site in Aberdeenshire, Scotland where she is located. The energy around the site where SHE stands in her full magnificence is palpable. 

SHE and I have been acquainted at different times over my twenty-year journey of self-realisation. Sharing in a dark night of the soul fest. Over the last four years when my world was turned compleatly upside down. I was guided back to my city of birth to be with my family. To heal and clear more of my ancestral wounding. Guilt and shame that I hadn't been ready to face before. She has been stamping her feet loudly.


Welcome me into your heart, as I embrace you with open arms. I know you and I know that it hasn't been easy for you to swallow your pride. Loosen that tight grip that you had on your life, and enable me to penetrate the walls within your heart. Those inner chambers that needed to open to a higher frequency of light. To enable me to carry my message forward through you. You must channel my wisdom and help to raise the consciousness of humanity at this time. You can breathe a sigh of relief now dear ones knowing that I am by your side. Guiding your words, thoughts and actions. 

I will enable you to rise above the shadows in your heart. When I am needed. When I am called in by you, to help you to reach a deeper level of healing the wounding in your heart. Know that I am holding a safe sanctuary for you. I am here to help you see and know yourself on a deeper level. There has been a longing in your heart to rise above your past wounding, and emerge again. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes. 

What you see beyond the limitations of your mind is a clear presentation of the light that you hold inside you. You must take that light into the world dear ones. Carry it with pride. For to have been to the depths and to know yourself on this deep level will instantly illuminate the hearts of the people that are guided towards you. So dear ones love and be loved, and allow me in when I want to come close and step inside your heart. 

You will know my call. You will feel my heart beating and me wrapping my wings of light around you. Be still, be free, the sacred sanctuary within your heart is yours to be claimed. Yours to be actualised. So that you can become a beacon of light, beaming my love out to the world. You and i will ascend together, and I will open you up to deeper levels of who you truly are. Call me in when I am needed. I am only a heartbeat away, a stitch in time if you like. Love to you dear ones.

Chanelling © Jillian Webster Living from the Heart

Site in Aberdeenshire

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