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Posted on Jan 26 2015
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In gratitude today for winter and for having the time and the means to deeply nurture myself so that I am ready to rise up again in the spring time, replenished and re-newed. There are lots of things gestating under the surface just now, lining up in the birth canal...

The opportunity that winter provides for a deeper level of self-nourishment is something that I really value. I used to want to push the fast forward button, till it got to the spring; I hated the cold, dark nights. This year I'm languishing in the light of the moon; warm sweaters, bright, frosty beach walks, candle light.

Deep down I've always been a seasonal kind a gal, but I used to be so disconnected from the natural rhythms and cycles of my body and in nature. I pushed myself way beyond my limits, didn't know how to rest and needless to say I became ill. It's been a journey back to listening to my body's messages and responding to its needs. 

I'm taking part in wonderful 5 x week online programme just now called Earthing the Moon. A course to help us become more connected to our true selves, through our relationship with our bodies and our menstrual moon cycle. I'm really enjoying the camaraderie of doing this with a group of women down here, and woman around the world. I love the whole philosophy behind tree sisters, the organization that is facilitating these courses. It makes perfect sense that if we are able to develop a more sacred relationship with ourselves, the cycles of our body and our connection with nature then we will quite naturally want to give something back to nature. The monies raised from their courses are funding a global crowd funding campaign and their mission is to plant trees to re forest the tropics within 10 years.

Part of the work we are invited to do on this course involves taking a red tent day. Gifting ourselves one day a month, or at the very least a few hours around the time that we are menstruating to put down our computers, mobile phones and to do lists and take the time to rest and listen to our inner guidance.

I wanted to share my experience of this rest time with you through a practice, which they call 'the drop'. Ideally part of the 'drop time' is best spent in nature and by following your intuition it will guide you to the perfect spot. This could be a natural hollow in the earth or under a tree....Somewhere you feel comfortable and connected to nature.... The idea is to let your womb merge with the great womb of mother earth and to listen to the guidance you receive. If you are uncomfortable about being in nature you can also create a quiet space for yourself indoors, a place where you wont be disturbed and if you can surround yourself with red items; create a make shift tent from red sheets, cover yourself in a red blanket, it helps to deepen the womb connection

I decided to go out in nature for a while. I found the perfect space, a natural hollow just beside the river behind my home. Wrapped up well, with a waterproof blanket in tow I sat down and covered myself with a blanket and some leaves and foliage. I spent a few minutes quietening my mind by listening to the water flowing and the birds singing. I sent my love and gratitude deep into the core of mother earth. I could feel her wrapping her roots around my heart and lower legs. She replied...

' Let me cradle you in my arms. I will support you during your difficult times. I am connecting to the centre, the very core of your being. Your strength is my strength. My strength is your strength. We are one. You must feel the love I have for you and spread that love out to those who are disconnected from who they truly are. 

Behold the truth of who you truly are. The wander of your being lies all around you. The heart beat in the earths core is the clock that you should live by '

Then I was told that the birds were singing my name and supporting me towards fulfilling my goals and ambitions. I could see them gathering on a tree across the river. It was one of those profoundly beautiful experience's of merging with all that is, for in truth there is no separation, we are all connected. After about 45 minutes I came in closed the red curtains I have in my lounge and sat on the floor with a chocolate yogi tea. The message on paper string said ' I will carry you over hard times ' I had a wee smile to myself.... I am listening universe....

I then got a vision to rub my menstrual blood on the earth and put some in the water too. We had some belly laughs when I shared this with the women in our group... the fact that I'd better make sure the fishermen weren't around when I'm doing this otherwise they might think I'm practicing some sort of voo-doo ritual!!....Seriously though do you know that our menstrual blood contains stem cells, healing properties and ancient wisdom.

You may choose to try this for yourself or even too tweak it to suit your own lifestyle requirements. At the very least I would invite and encourage all the woman who are reading this to make a commitment to be more gentle with themselves around their menstrual moon time. We can do this by creating the space each month for some much needed R & R. We teach others how to treat us by the way we treat ourselves and even if your living in a male dominated family we can ask our partners, husbands and our sons to respect our need for this quiet time. When we honor our moon time we honor our feminine power. I'm not just paying lip service to this...I used to suffer terribly from PMS... I still get tired, emotional and suffer from the odd poker belly but it is so much better than it used to be since I've learned to honor myself in this way. And even if you no longer have a menstrual cycle, are menopausal or don't have a womb anymore our bodies still have an energetic womb. They follow a cyclical rhythm with the moon and the seasons, so taking this time to connect with ourselves in this deeper way is always benefical. 

Tools for creating your own red tent

- Red Candles

- Red blankets, sheets, scarf's

- Comfy pillows

- Nourishing food & drink

- Beautiful music

- Journal and pen

- Crayons, pens and paper for drawing

- Epsom salts & aromatherapy oils for bathing

Way back when, in the time of our ancestors women's menstrual time was regarded as a sacred, creative time. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could re-kindle this ancient tradition in some way and bring it forward to enhance the quality of our lives in the 21st century?

Until next time wise woman....

Much love



Please feel free to share this with anyone who would benefit. Individual sessions and retreats with me are available from my home near Laurencekirk and in Aberdeen City or via Skype. You can call me on M. 07792 322362 or e mail to organise.

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