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Posted on Mar 29 2020
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Let me cradle you in my arms. I will support you during your difficult times. I am connecting to the centre, the very core of your being. Your strenght is my strenght. My strenght is your strenght. We are one. You must feel the love I have for you and spread that love out to those who are disconnected from who they truly are. 

Behold the truth of who you truly are. The wander of your being lies all around you. The heart beat in the earths core is the clock that you should live by.

I received this transmission from Mother Earth several years ago when I was taking part in a global online workshop with a wonderful organisation that supports feminine nature based leadership, and tropical reforestation....Relevant, don't you think in these exciting times of change and uncertainty on our planet.

There is something about being told by the government that we can only get outside once a day to exercise that makes we want to get outside and do it...I am actually finding this enforced rule refreshing....I am relishing in the fact that I am at home more often just now and have the time to walk by the river and the ancient trees on my doorstep....The urge I have when I am out walking of putting my hands on the dewy grass and feeling the energy from Mother Earth pulsing through my fingers...Sending love and gratitude from my heart down to her core, for being a constant source of nourishment for us all during these tumultuous times.

Everything has come to a stand still, yet SHE just does her thing....And the waters flow, the birds sing and the daffodils open....There's a tangible silence in the air....SHE is rejoicing and bringing herself back into balance.

From my heart to yours with love.

Jillian 💛

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