No matter how you feel Get Up, Dress up, Show Up and Never Give Up

Posted on Jun 30 2020
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No matter how you feel Get Up, Dress Up, Show Up and Never Give Up. I bought a collection of bright lipsticks recently for a friend who is going through a challenging time. My intention in sending her this gift was to assist her in keeping her spirits up... Not that she needs it, she is one brave and resilient lady, considering all that she has been through... It reminded me of the importance of grooming and pampering ourselves on the days when the preffered option would be to pull the duvet over our heads... Of course there is nothing wrong with duvet days, sometimes they are just what the doctor ordered. But on the days when we are having to face the things that we really don't want to face, and cowering under the duvet is not an option... A touch of bright lippy or whatever floats our self-care boat may be just the thing to get our warrior goddess mojo fired into action.

I am reflecting on some of the toughest times in my life. Relationships ending, financial challenges, illnesses, bereavements, umpteen house moves... All 'up there' in the list of top ten most stressful life events. We all get that 'stuff' happens when we embark on our journey of self-realisation... Things collapse, and there is plenty of that going on in our world just now both personally and collectively... The s**t has hit the proverbial fan... Viewed from a higher perspective, what a catalyst it is for the flame of human kindness to burn brighter than ever. We are resilient species. The darkness will not win. 

It got me thinking about some of the ways that I've built myself up from the ground when things have collapsed in my life and how self-care has been an important part of that process... From choosing times of solitude to re group and top up my energy reserves... Doing Pilates at home when I didn't have much money, to girls get togethers, online get togethers, love, wisdom, reasurring words being exchanged virtual or otherwise... Nature walks on windy beaches... Stocking up the fridge with healthy and not so healthy foods... The pleasure of cooking for myself and others... And not forgetting the bright lippy of course. 

I wander whats been floating your self-care boat today. Please share? 

With love 

Jillian 💛

F. Jillian Webster Living from the Heart



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