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Posted on May 31 2020
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In Donside, Aberdeen where I live there is a patch of waste ground behind wooden partitions, which has been cordoned off to the public. The plan for years has been to build more flats on there, by the rivers edge. Lock down put a stop to the building work that was due to commence in March... A couple of years ago the residents in my local community got fed up looking at the unsightly partitions and a project was created where local artists were invited to showcase their art work on them. 

Each time I pass there it brightens up my day to see their colourful interpretations of how they see the world. There is a heavenly looking bright blue door, with clouds painted on it that has been attached to the partitions. When I opened the door for the first time and read the message behind it, it said 'Doorway to Hell' I was taken aback... Being energetically sensitive I know the power that words can hold, and I decided I wouldn't be opening that again... The message has long been painted over but I SEE the significance of it now more than ever as we embody our multidimensional selves on this 5D earth that we are creating.

There is a real hullabaloo being stirred up in the media just now... I shared a post yesterday of a YouTube video I watched that inspired me with a short dialogue attached about it being time to WAKE UP and smell the coffee beans!!... In spiritual speak... Keep your heart and your mind OPEN to new ways of looking at yourself and the world. Which I am sure everyone reading this already does... I don't want to use this post to get into politics, as I dont feel called to do so.

I am choosing to put my focus on sharing tools and information to support you through this period of transition... However I am aware of the fear that is being generated, through the media and my own personal reactions to it... It has never been more important to use this RESET time we have been given due to the virus, to GO WITHIN our hearts... This is an invitation for you to use your personal discernment, to uncover YOUR TRUTH about yourself, what you see and believe about the world that we live in... A truth that sits well with you. 

I would invite you to question everything that we are being told vaccinations, masks etc. Watch different interviews... Be aware of how they affect your energy levels... Know when to disengage... Use the time to educate yourself, as we adapt to the changes that we are being presented with. Formulate new ways of being that fit in with your values and beliefs, in this new world that we are all creating.

So what does it mean to be your 5D Multi Dimensional Self as we navigate the challenges in the 3D and 4D reality that we are living in? Well thats another blog post but what I would say right now is that it's about being fully present with and accepting of all that is happening within and around us. We can choose to open a doorway to heaven or hell at anytime. There are some things that are 'pushing our buttons' big time and some choices we can't make just now, and you may be feeling angry or anxious about that... BUT we can make a conscious choice about which of the worlds we choose to inhabit. This will depend on where we put our thoughts, emotions, attention and also the ACTIONS that we take.

There are two earths currently in existence at this time, the new and the old. They each share the same space but could not be more different energetically. The old earth being a place where the emphasis is on fear, struggle, lack, control. The new being about love, community, joy, ease, creativity... You may find yourself flipping between the two depending on what's going on in your life... You may find yourself feeling more disengaged from the old as many of the ways we used to do things wont work anymore. The old structures are collapsing around us.  

I have benefited from being off 'the treadmill' with time to re invent myself. But this time has also been an invitation for some deep, dark dives into my emotions... There have been times when I have told my friends 'I'm tripping' There have been times when I have felt raw, vulnerable and sorry for myself... You may feel like your heart is being cracked open; welcome it, feel it all, and allow your emotions to move through you... Be gentle with yourself, dip into your toolkit of self care techniques and do what it takes to shift you back into a state of joy, love, creativity, FLOW... Or get in touch with someone who can assist you to do this-btw this is my area of expertise.

We are reprogramming our DNA on a deep cellular level... We are experiencing our emotional and physical discomforts coming to the surface, as we continue to do the clearing work within ourselves to release the old and OPEN UP our hearts to the new.

Knowing that we are sovereign beings able to make new choices moment to moment about how to be and behave despite the challenges that we may be facing. My guides have a 'penchant' for music, these words are singing in my ear.

'I get knocked down but I get up again, you're never going to keep me down. I GET KNOCKED DOWN BUT I GET UP AGAIN. YOU ARE NEVER GOING TO KEEP ME DOWN... Dancing the night away, dancing the night away'. 

With love

Jillian 💛

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