Posted on Sep 06 2020
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So if anyone has been to the APPLE SHOP recently you will I'm sure identify with what I am about to say. It's like being in a scene of a MATRIX movie... Burley, bouncer like guys in black suits standing at the entrance. You stand in line waiting for a guy to point a temperature check gun at your head. The staff are polite and efficient... A lot of people who are working at a ground level for corrupt organizations have no idea what's really going on behind the scenes at the higher levels.                                                                           

When it came to getting a temperature check I found my inner SHE wolf saying NO this time. I explained that this was my third visit to the shop in the last month due to battery issues and that I wasen't comfortable with having a temperature check on my head. More radiation, my precious third eye... Could he do it on my wrist instead?                                                                                                                                                                 He looked surprised as did some of the people behind me in the queue and went to ask his supervisor. Anticipating their answer I took a breath and brought myself back into my heart centre. I am not one of those people who is going to boycott everything in the hope of bringing about change. We are living in a 3D world and I am participating in it and making conscious choices about what I am choosing to participate in... And bottom line I need to get my computer fixed. 

I have looked into what some would deem the "dark agenda" I like to keep informed but I also choose not to get too distracted by it so I can keep my energy high... So that I can be a force for positive change, through my writing, speaking and whatever else source calls me to do. 

Right enough he returned and said "sorry madam it's our company policy to have your temperature checked in this way" By this time I had decided to play in the 5D MATRIX and "shapeshift" the energy through CREATIVE imagination. I imagined myself in a moving purple grid, so when he pointed the temp gun at my 3rd Eye I imagined that I was receiving an ENERGY UPGRADE in that area. I stood in the MATRIX and hopefully did my bit to transform it in that moment. 

I am sharing this for anyone who is observing the world right now from the perspective of WTF is going on. But understanding what is going on from a higher perspective and working with it, through it and transforming it through the power of creative imagination and LOVE. 

With love

Jillian 💛

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