Pushed to the Precipice

Posted on Feb 20 2020
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There are times in our life when we find ourselves pushed to the precipice....Standing on the edge of a cliff looking down into the abyss...Falling into the abyss and then dragging ourselves up the cliff face by digging in deep and getting the dirt underneath our finger nails....Knowing that we have got this....We have form...We have done this many times before and life has thrown us this curve ball for a reason...I have found myself in this place several months ago when I was given a diagnosis of primary breast cancer after going for my routine year 50 mammogram.

To say I was shocked was an understatement. Being told I had cancer felt akin to standing on a landmine and all the parts of myself being blown into a million pieces.... To make matters worse I had gone into receive the news on my own as I had told the friends who had offered to come with me to the hospital, 'Oh it will be nothing, I am sure it is just to do with my fibrous breasts'.

don't share this news because I want a pity party. I have had enough drama in my 50 plus years on the planet to last me a lifetime. I am sharing this in the hope that my journey with this, and through this, will shine a torch light into the darkness to point a way forward for anyone else who is going through this or knows someone who is.

One thing I know for sure on this path of uncertainty is that all through my life I have been facing my fears and teaching others about facing their fears.....LOVE is the antidote to fear....I have been training in the mental, emotional and spiritual marshal arts....Like a ninja who cuts a board in half with one precise blow....This is a gift and an opportunity to show up more fully and authentically...To LOVE the hell out of myself....To show others a way to LOVE the hell out of themselves.

I am kicking your ass cancer and LOVE is embedded in the rubber soles of my size 6 trainers.

I will be sharing my journey through a series of blog posts and on my face book page. I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart who has played their part in supporting me behind the scenes on my journey so far. Through a very challenging time; your loving gestures, inspiring words, information, healing sessions and ongoing support have helped me climb out of victim mentality and jumpstart myself into decisive action.

Point of note; I wrote this several months ago when I was in a very different space in myself in terms of dealing with this 'dis at ease' in my body. I know now that I have come through a big energetic upgrade. I have been clearing another layer of old ancestral, present/past life programming and have returned to my original soul blueprint of wholeness & wellness. However, I wanted to start at the beginning of the story and share with you all how its unfolding.

Much love


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