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Posted on Apr 23 2020
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Note to self. When you put out a request to the higher realms for a mission and focus for your love & wisdom be careful what you wish for. Never did I imagine, that during the process that was set in motion I would become a statistic, falling into a category of the 1 IN 8 WOMEN diagnosed with breast cancer every year… However when I began doing my research to help me make sense of all the ‘cancer cure advice’ out there on this subject, I began to realise that I did in fact have many of the traits of a so called ‘cancer personality’

- Tendency towards over-giving
- Perfectionism
- Lack of self-belief
- Low self-worth
- Holding onto emotions such as anger, grief, unforgiveness
- Don’t find it easy to ask for help

Not that I haven’t done enough navel gazing in my time, kinda par for the course, when we embark on a journey of self-actualisation right!?… I was well aware of these traits and had done a lot of work on myself around this…However this challenge/opportunity for growth was presented to me to help me clear this on a much deeper level. I was given an image by a healer friend who had worked with me of the word CANCER being written on a baton, that was passed on from one generation to another…But the bucks stopped here baby… I have chosen it to be so.

When things have got tough for me in the past I would have chosen to batten down the hatches and retreat into my shell, but this has been an ‘invitation’ for me to do the opposite…To crack OPEN the shell, opening up my heart to give and receive more LOVE…To really get it that ‘I am worthy’ of receiving, and not to feel uncomfortable or guilty about asking for help…To open my heart up to the wonderful things and the people around me…To open up my VOICE-box and share more of my TRUTH…To allow my spirit to SHINE more brightly. I choose to LOVE myself through this by growing hairs on my chest, to develop balls & gumption…To renew my zest, and joie de vivre for life… To feel my crazy, everyday… To stop playing small…The time for self-sacrifice and prioritising others needs over my own is well and truly over…This is part of the reason why I got ill in the first place.

Conventional cancer treatment deals with the symptoms, but not the cause. In truth, I know that this state of ‘dis at ease’ that I manifested in my body was partly connected to the guilt I felt growing up with a father who was badly disabled and the responsibility I felt towards making him feel better, because I knew that he was struggling emotionally…And the grief, anger and unforgiveness I had held onto around that…Many of us do struggle with feeling responsible for the wellbeing of others, even if we are not consciously aware of it.

Unresolved emotions can fester in our body… We put our own needs on the sideline, or use it, as an excuse not to grow into a more evolved version of ourselves…This isn’t about putting the blame on others. Sometimes we get so comfortable with a way of being that to break out of the shell involves a ‘wake up call’ of immense proportion…Nothing like being diagnosed with a life threatening disease then, to set you on a course for up levelling your life! 

When we make a different choice about how we want our life to be, we move through our emotions that have kept us stuck…We look at our limiting beliefs, change our behaviour patterns and new pathways and possibilities begin to open up…We re claim the lost parts of ourselves that were ready to be fulfilled, and our soul expands in the process. 

So I have chosen to tune into a higher frequency of energy, a more evolved version of myself…When we do this we move through a process of clearing everything up in our old reality that no longer fits…We open our hearts and go deeper into healing the wounded parts of ourselves… We integrate them, so we can shift onto a new timeline and anchor our physical body there.

I put my trust in following my inner and higher guidance for the actions that I have chosen to take, to support myself through this illness. It wasn’t an easy thing to do, due to my lack of trust and the pressure of outside influences i.e. well meaning friends and family who love and care for me and wanted me to set a date for a mastectomy. Also my ego fought to maintain some level of control, which led me down many pathways of incessantly trying to fix things.

I choose to listen to the messages my body is giving me. I put my attention on the fact that my body is this amazing vessel with the ability to heal itself. I was given this analogy by a work colleague, which sits well with me. If you are currently dealing with a health condition I would invite you to give it a try. Imagine putting your ‘disease’ in a clear box, it’s within your sight, but you make a choice to not be continuously focusing on it. I have no physical evidence, as yet, that my cancer is gone, yet I have chosen to put my focus and attention on- that it has.

Right from the get go, I began a process of automatic writing in my journal. I started having a Q & A dialogue with my right breast and my higher self. Here are some of the many dialogues that I received.


‘The cancer was there to teach you many things, but you are in a place now where you no longer need it to be in your system, in your awareness, in your consciousness… It is gone. You are free. Just be open and allow us to guide you. You don’t have cancer. Your whole immune system has been re booted. You are hard wired in a different way. You are free from the old reality’

'It is not relevant in your life anymore. You do not have to search for a cure. The curing has already taken place. You are whole and complete and able to manifest a reality that doesn’t involve carrying guilt and pain’


We are multi-dimensional beings with parallel lives going on, having multi-dimensional experiences on many different timelines, all at the same time. Although we come onto the earth with certain soul contracts to fulfil, involving certain people and situations, when we have completed the lessons we are ready to step onto a new timeline, with different opportunities and people to meet.

Sadly my father passed away at the end of January after a long and courageous journey with MS. I have great admiration of his fighting spirit and for all the work he did supporting people with disabilities, borne from his own experiences. When I was diagnosed with cancer I made a choice to step onto a new timeline…Two months later when Dad passed over spirit side it was an opportunity for me to crack open my heart to a higher level of love and forgiveness for him, others, and myself. I knew that my contract with him was over. As I walk forwards on the new timeline, it is one where the person, with the programming that created the cancer is no longer there. I look forward to the new adventures that await.


With love
Jillian 💛

FBK Jillian Webster Living from the Heart

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