The best laid plans of mice and men often go arwy

Posted on Aug 09 2020
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'The best laid plans of mice and men often go arwy' These wise words from the Scots bard Robbie Burns rang true as my home city of Aberdeen went back into partial lockdown this week. I had made holiday plans to have a small girls get together, a river walk, food and frolics at my flat. This had to be postponed along with a few days away next week to Nairn with my Mum... I feel you big time fellow Aberdonians.

When plans go awry and things change at a moments notice, as they frequently have for us all these last few months. We are left in a weird space of not knowing what 'to do' with ourselves, which can trigger a state of anxiety and depression... Often we revert to our default setting of doing the things that bring us instant comfort... For me in my disappointment on wednesday night it was losing myself momentarily in a large bag of salt and vinegar kettle chips, a glass of red wine and several Ferrero Rocher... Things my end are definitely not all roses in the garden, love, light and laughter all of the time... Comforting as it was I regretted it the next day as my HSP, high frequency and recently upgraded body, can take little treats but not all at once. I felt headachey and sluggish. 

Fast forward to 2 days later and I am now sitting by the waters edge near my home hand writing this blog as I am still reassembling all the programmes in my computer, after it coming back from the Apple shop post MOT... Hard drive wiped and battery replaced. A message in there somewhere

Today I have been embracing the journey, after I got taken on a different road to the one that I had originally planned to go on. I spent the morning cooking and freezing food for a later date, most of the food that I had bought for my girls get together. I felt a pull to go outside, with the sun and the energy building pre Lions Gate... I needed to move my body or dance or something... I got in my car to drive to a local park. I didnt make it very far before it clouded over and I heard source saying to go back home and that the sun would come out again later. I enjoyed the short car run however, windows down listening to 80's tunes. 

The sun did indeed return and I have taken a picnic tea down to the rivers edge. An opportunity for MINDFULNESS, to really engage with myself and my surroundings. The sun refecting in the water, and the water circling around the reeds... A blue sky with clouds resembling peaked meringues...A higher perpective message coming through that Aberdeen has gone back intp partial lockdown as the people here, including myself in this find it hard to feel their feelings... This is another opportunity for presence, stillness and silence... Back to the surroundings. There is a teenage girl sitting on the rocks by the water, looking tranquil and holding her face up to the warm sun... Plenty of people enjoying a river walk with their dogs in tow. A couple of paddle boarders gliding slowly by... Youths throwing rugby balls to each other and playing with long sticks as if they are spears... Rave music playing on their boom box... My shoulders are swaying to the music... Words booming out.

'I can't stop, stop PLAYING. This song it makes me high. I hear myself singing. I'm feeling SO ALIVE'

Relaxing into the flow and engaging with the surroundings. Heck I could be in French Riveria... Its a hive of activity down here by the rivers edge... Heart opened after receiving a couple of nice text messages from friends wanting to meet up when we come out the other end... Remembering what a friend told me about how she felt after seeing her son and his girlfriend who were only down the road, for the first time after 4 months. 

We are continuing to be given the opportunity to generate the JOY from WITHIN. To create joy fuelled experiences from the simplest of things, as we continue to rides these waves of uncertainty, that are being felt around the world. 

With love

Jillian 💛

Take action challenge.  Inviting you to practice MINDFULNESS this week whenever you find yourself in an unexpected or stressful situation. Try it, it works and let me know how you get on? 

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