The Human Spirit is indomitable and the importance of grounding

Posted on Apr 08 2020
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Heading out for my daily walk by the river today...Lucky to have this on my doorstep...I was watching the breakfast news about a 61 year old who was discharged from hospital, with a roaring clap from the NHS workers who had been caring for him...After 12 days in hospital with COVID-19, he was talking about 'Seeing the world through new eyes now...How lucky he was to be alive' and really appreciating the simple things like hearing the birds singing and the daffodils in his garden...Not to take away from the challenges we are all going through personally and collectively and now our UK Prime Minister is in hospital demonstrating our human frailty...Being an empath I am feeling it deep in my body, and the waves of emotions moving through me particularly when I hear of people facing adversity and coming out the other end. People talk sometimes about the 'human spirit' being frail. In this instance I would disagree, our HUMAN SPIRIT appears to be rising to the challenges that we are facing with demonstrations of kindness and selfless acts.

Its more important than ever to find a way of accessing our HUMAN SPIRIT and bolstering it...If we can access our inner resources we will be stronger to face the challenges ahead...I feel like Winston Churchill, but you get my drift...Spending a moment with our hands and feet on the earth can help if you are feeling fear and confusion, with the changes happening within and around you...So inviting you today to do something that makes your SPIRIT RISE and your HEART SING...Whatever that may be for you?...Many of us have more time on our hands than usual, so it shouldn't be too difficult...I will be saying a prayer for Boris today...I didn't vote for him, however political differences aside...Seeing him back at the helm, fit and well, with a deeper level of awareness, compassion and empathy for the challenge that he has gone through. 

With love

Jillian 💛 🌈

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