The King. A parable by Jill Webster

Posted on Jan 25 2010
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Once upon a time in a magical country far, far away there lived a man. One day he met a stranger who told him that the key to fulfilling all his hearts desires was to find the king of the land who would grant him one wish which would make all his dreams come true.

So the man went on a quest that would take him all over the land. He travelled far and wide in search of the king that would grant him one wish that would be the answer to all his prayers. He left behind his home, friends and family and put his life on hold in his quest to find the illusive king.

After a while he got fed up looking for the king and decided to come back home and pick up his old life again. The man began to realize how fortunate he was to live the life he did and to have the loving support of family and friends all around him. He began feeling contented with himself and his lot.

One day he was sitting in the park near his home having a picnic. It was a beautiful day and he went across to the nearby stream to dip his feet in the cool water. As he looked in the water at his reflection he saw behind him the reflection of a startled little girl. Sensing how uncomfortable she was he turned round and smiled at her and offered to share some of his picnic.

Then the little girl heard her mums voice calling her and ran away to find her. Her mother asked  Where have you been? and the little girl excitedly replied 'Mummy mummy you will never guess what......I have just seen the king'.

love & light


Dedicated to Robert my twin soul who continues to Inspire, Challenge and Hold me.

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