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The Law of Action

Posted on Jan 19 2011
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Experiencing Action

1. Imagine yourself standing in your home or office, about ten feet inside the doorway. The door stands open, it's a beautiful day, and you want to go outside, because outside represents reaching your highest hopes and most cherished goals - living the life you were born to live.

2. Now recall the last time you felt fear or self-doubt or insecurity. Feel the fear, and then translate that into an image, as if the feeling jumped outside you and turned into a being - small or large, male or female, human or not. When the image forms, lets call it Mr. or Ms. Fear (or Self- Doubt or Insecurity).

3. Let yourself create a mental videotape of the following scene: Feel yourself walking toward the open doorway, out into the sunlight, out into your future. You come closer to the doorway, but just as you're about to walk through, Mr/Ms. Fear appears in front of you, and cautions, 'Wait, you can't do this! It's too much for you!'

4. Let Mr/Ms. Fear stop you, just the way you've let yourself be stopped or slowed down or confused so many times in your life. Fully experience this.

5. You have now created a video; now replay this scene - going to the doorway and getting stopped by Mr./Ms. Fear. Replay it regular speed or fast forward, again and again, exactly the same way. Each time, experience what it feels like to let Mr/Ms. Fear stop you. Do not change the scenario; just repeat it, and feel it, untill you get angry - not afraid or sad but angry. This may take a while. When you feel really angry, you're ready for the final step.

6. Play the scene once more, but this time, when Mr/Ms. Fear steps in front of you and says, 'Wait, you can't........,' or threatens you, or pleads with you, or reasons with you, just walk out the door as if he/she wasn't even there.

7. Remember how much you want to go outside and continue on your way, on your life path. Despite all of the reasons you 'can't' or 'shouldn't' or aren't capable enough,' follow through; focus on the goal. Walk out the door.

8. Notice how different this feels. Experience the principle and power of pure action.


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