The sun is biggest just before it sets

Posted on Nov 02 2014
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The sun is biggest just before it sets. Do not despair my precious ones, we know how hard you have been working to move yourself forward to becoming ALL that you are and sharing your unique essence, your divine blueprint with the world. We hear your prayers, we feel your pain, but know that it has not been in vein. You have lit a candle in many people’s hearts for having the courage to become the person that you were born to be. Shine your light brightly dear hearts for it is time to sing, dance, celebrate and shine the light in your heart!! It will raise the consciousness of many. Your light will burn away the malaise and fog that many have been feeling lately. Have the courage to take the next step we are with you, we are supporting you, many answered prayers are on the horizon. Move forward fearlessly and everything that you need will be provided for you along the way. Receive, receive, receive, give out and it will return to you tenfold.

0ctober 2014: Archangel Metatron & the Archangelic Realm (transmitted through Jill)




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