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Try a little tenderness

Posted on Jun 02 2010
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No problem can ever be solved with the same level of conciousness that created it.

Albert Einstein

Next time your are faced with a difficult situation or person in your life and your feeling angry or resentful. Try taking a breath. Take take some time out for self reflection and to forgive. Focus your attention on something that you enjoy for a while. This will raise your energy and reconnect you to your divine nature.

Take action challenge

Reflection : How can I dwell within this situation in the highest possible way?

Try throwing out compassion in the face of adversity. Look at the situation with an understanding of the other person's point of view. In other words treat others the way you would like to be treated yourself. Hold the intention that the situation will work out positively for all concerned.

Compassion = Positive result 70% effective most of the time

Resentment = Failure result 100% of the time


Make a choice on what to do now and how to be?


Bright Blessings


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