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Posted on Jan 23 2014
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So here we all are, nearly at the end of the first month of the year in January 2014. So how's it going so far? I don't know about you but compared with the last few years I feel different ...LIGHTER, brighter....Full of hope and optimism for the first bloom of spring and new beginnings just around the corner.

There's a 'spring in my step' and even though the days are shorter and the nights are longer, it doesn't seem to matter! It took me a while to get going after the long break I had over christmas, but now there is no stopping me.... I am acting on my inner calling and creating the space in my life to get things, finished, sorted, completed. I want to go through all my cupboards and drawers and de-clutter again. You may have noticed this yourself the last wee while, a call TO ACTION and the need to simplify your life. Because very often, we are the ones who make it complicated.

As well as clearing out on a material level you may also be feeling the need to review the way you are doing things on the personal and work front also. Let your heart be your compass and you will never go far wrong.

As I mentioned in my last newsletter for many of us 2013 was a challenging one. We were being presented with divinely guided opportunities to support us in clearing away more old, residual energies and fears that would stop us from FULLY showing up as our MAGNIFICENT selves and EXPRESSING that out in the world in whatever way we were being called to do so.

So you survived huh? You rode the bumpy rollercoaster.... and you came back swinging.... !??! With all the shape shifting and changes that you have made over the last few years you have evolved to another level of SOUL EXPANSIVE... NESS!! Congratulations.... but don't get too comfy, it's just the start of a brand new journey of self-discovery. And so it will always be as we walk the path of self-realization. This may be a great time for a self-acknowledgement exercise. Well it's good to give yourself a pat on the back now and again.... often! It may also help you to get some insight and perspective on your goals for the year ahead.


Action step

1. Write down in your personal journal some of your achievements over the last year, things that you are proud of.

2. Go back into the memory of achieving those things, re-experience your feelings as you do this. See yourself creating those results.

3. List everything that you did in order to achieve this; the beliefs and fears that you have stepped through, the actions you took, support you enrolled

4. List the personal qualities that were evoked in you through doing this.

5. In the light of some of the goals that you are trying to achieve this year complete these sentences

My next steps are.......

My purpose for the year ahead is.........


For me last year provided me with some great work opportunities, carefully constructed with the help of regular positive affirmations. Yes they really DO work..... and then some! Any tools that we can add to our 'tool kit' which will help us to raise our vibration HIGHER & HIGHER, and support us in making our unique contribution towards planetary healing is a must in my book!!

It was wonderful to be invited to be one of the facilitators at the LOVE, ANGELS & ASCENDED MASTERS event in Glasgow, December 2013. A personal milestone for me speaking up and out in front of a large group of people. All beautiful souls I might add. I've been fortunate to have taken part in many personal development workshops in my time. I've done some radical food detoxes; walked over hot coals and broken arrows into my throat..... all in the name of 'self-empowerment', however public speaking has been by far the most challenging. 

Those of you who know me well will know that I am inspired by music, the words of songs in particular. The angels have a wonderful way of communicating with us through the signs around us, in nature and through music..... when they want us to sit up and take notice. I'm sharing a song by Charles Wright that makes my toes curl....!! Here's the full version Express Yourself.

Turn up your light and express yourself. Express yourself, be yourself, love yourself, do what god gave you to do inside, don't be afraid of it. Give it up, turn it loose, give it up, do it......YEEEEH....EXPRESS YOURSELF'!! 

So what's next for you?? I'd love to hear your shares, comments, questions. You can post them in the box below.

GO GET EM..... in 2014!!

And if you need some support in doing this why not join us on Saturday 22nd February for the 'Create your life as you wish to live it workshop' or book a one to one session.

Much love



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Happy By Unknown on Jan 24 2014 at 7:14 PM
Hi Jill, Great blog. Liking this tune just now
By Unknown on Jan 24 2014 at 11:57 PM
Love this song. I've been hearing it on the radio a lot recently…..Im HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY!!! Bless you and thanks for sharing! Much love Jill

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