Your Words Are Your Wand

Posted on Feb 13 2021
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As a child nothing would give me more pleasure than being given a few opening words for an essay in an English exam and then being told to write a story. For those who are of my generation you may remember that. It felt effortless at the time letting my imagination run riot. A river of joy and words flowing out over the pages.


And now in my work as a soul expansion coach, energy worker and writer I attract those towards me whose words are also their wand.


Your words are your wand. You wield them through your sword of truth with your voice, over the keyboard and through the work that you do. You melt the hearts of all who commune with your energy. You light up reading and hearing words that hold beauty, truth and power. Yet you don’t shy away from words you would rather not hear. You take them onboard and use them as feedback on your journey of personal development. You are not afraid to dive deep into places you would rather not go and to face your shadow.


Working with a client recently she shared her beautiful words of what she experienced through having a session with me.


“Following our session something in my heart has ignited. I know this is a strange analogy... My internal boiler broken down, blocked clogged up with old soot and detritus, a spark but no ignition. My boiler fired up; a strong flame can be seen through the little window!


Words coming up... Clearing, cleaning, ignition, clean burn“


LIGHTWORKERS, EMPATHS, HSP’S your words however you choose to express them are needed at this time to help raise the consciousness of humanity.


Are you are needing assistance with opening up to who you truly are?


Do you feel wobbly about showing up fully as yourself?


Are you unsure what your life purpose is?


Have you been knocked sideways over the last few years and you are having trouble getting back on your feet?


Do you feel stuck, fearful or blocked in any area of your life?


I can work with you to assist you to move through your old patterns and beliefs. To open up to who you truly are. Express your passion and live a balanced and fulfilling life.


I do this through my 1:1 Coaching, Energy Realignment Sessions and Light Transmissions. These are available online via Skype or Zoom.  

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