Hi Jill

Thank you for another astounding healing yesterday. I am so used to a different style of healing where on a relaxing bed I go deep and do not speak. With you I sit and speak in what seems a shallower place and yet I have such deep, profound, experiences. Weird, strange, beautiful, very, very beautiful. Like all good healers you will protest you are merely the conduit, but you should know that every healer brings a different "colour" to the healing which brings a different sensory experience for the participant. In this case I think I just had a Michelin 3 star experience. Bless you in all humility by return from me.



Hi Jill, just wanted to say a huge thank you for the powerful, deep healing. You held space so beautifully for me and made me feel safe and supported. You truly are a powerful and compassionate goddess. I feel blessed to have met you.

With humble gratitude Sarah-Jane 

have been working on growth and change for some time and was working through some things that were pretty uncomfortable to acknowledge. Jill provided a safe, non-judgemental space that allowed me to be honest and authentic as she guided me in a meditative experience that helped me release some of the negative feelings that were keeping me stuck. Just one session really helped me move on and I am sure that more will continue to support continuing growth. Thanks Jill!

Emma. Aberdeen 

What people are saying about workshop's 

I chose to be part of Jills "Self-Love" Workshop to strengthen my awareness for myself and to put time aside for me. Even though I had quite a journey to get there, it was a bliss to be in Jills space and have her gentle and professional guidance throughout the evening. We were a small group and I felt each of us got our own space and time still being together and actually supporting each other as well. The work went deep. I felt safe and calm, relaxed and very content within through out the workshop. I left strengthend and curious how I will manage to bring some of my experiences from that evening into my daily life. Thank you Jill for creating such a special space.

Mirabelle Viviana


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